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“I have never let schooling interfere with my education.” — Mark Twain

Owning and operating a business can be a lot of work for little return but it can also be a hugely rewarding experience filled with excitement and money beyond your wildest dreams. Which way will your business go? Your success or failure depends on many things; but in the end it all depends on YOU!

I’ve been a businessman for over forty years. I’ve gone broke and made millions; thankfully in that order. By the grace of God and two good parents, who worked for the Arlington School District in Poughkeepsie , New York, I got through High School. That was the end of my formal education, but in life you get two types of education; the one you’re given in a classroom and the one you get for yourself. After high school I became a student of business and was lucky enough to have great mentors. I’ve always had an insatiable will to learn business/sales techniques but most importantly I’ve had the ability to apply what I have learned.

Many business owners life savings are tied up in their business. While most people look at their homes as a major retirement investment, the businessperson might be using it as collateral and have it at risk. With so much at risk, you want to learn everything you can about your business.

This book is hopefully the start of your ongoing business education. There is an old saying, “Things are twice as hard to get out of ….than into.” So don’t get into a business without learning everything you can before investing your time and money. Most new business owners take the time to learn something about starting a business, some have learned a bit about how to run a business but very few take the time to know how to profitable exit a business.

I have examined many business strategies and tried several and I can assure you that it is difficult to succeed without learning all phases of business. I have gained the knowledge to help guide you through the process of profitably starting your business, running your business, expanding your business and exiting your business when you choose.

Let me share with you what I’ve learned after my many business experiences.

Chapter 1

Enjoy What You Do

“Do what you love. When you love your work, you be come the best worker in the world.” —- Uri Geller

Life is short; too short. Owning or working in a business that you don’t enjoy is a waste of precious time with the results, or lack of, always showing.

I love observing people….and businesses. We often hear about athletes that are in the zone. They make every play, every shot. They seemingly do impossible things when they are “Zoned In”. What they are doing is visualizing success above all other thoughts. Most of us have experienced this at some level; doing something not expected…for a short time. For that moment, you feel like superman, you feel like you can play with the best…bring it on!

Getting zoned in on your job starts with enjoying, even loving, what you do. If you don’t have a passion for something, you’re probably not going to give it your best effort. Job satisfaction happens at any level.

A great example of this happened when I was making a move between Petaluma and Orinda, California. Before the process began I asked the owner of the moving company about insurance. His reply was, “yes, he could sell me insurance; however, they were experienced; they were careful and liked what they did.” I had a good feeling about him and what he said and we proceeded without insurance. What I watched from that point on wasn’t moving furniture…it was ART. With very little communication, they began. It was like watching a very well choreographed dance routine. Two worked as a team moving the heavier items while one kept the smaller items coming that were perfect to fill every little niche created by the larger pieces placed in the truck. Items were wrapped with blankets with speed and grace.
The job was completed with only one truck (others told me two) and in record time WITHOUT anything broken or scratched. When they were done they beamed with confidence and pride.

In stark contrast many years later we hired a moving company comprised of college students to move from Orinda to Kensington, California. It was an exercise in watching people going through the motions and the results showed. The day was full of furniture banging walls, cursing and concluded with them slamming the truck’s tailgate as a signal to the end to another miserable day on the job. Needless to say I should have purchased insurance for that move.

That is just a couple of examples and there are thousands. Just look around. What’s the point? Simply this, if you are going to spend your hard earned money and precious time in a business, and you will, make it a business you like, have a passion for and will enjoy. If you’re just in it for the money there probably won’t be much. I truly believe that money is just the by-product of how well you operate your business. Make customer and employee satisfaction your goal and the money will follow.

When filling positions within your company look for people that will take pride in what they are doing and not just go through the motions.

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Chapters Included in the Book

Chapter 1 - Enjoy What You Do
Chapter 2 - What Kind of Business
Chapter 3 – Find a Need and Fill It
Chapter 4 – Small, Medium or Large
Chapter 5 – It’s the People Stupid
Chapter 6 – Finding New Employees
Chapter 7 – The Hiring Process
Chapter 8 – Selecting Salespeople
Chapter 9 – Level of Competency
Chapter 10 – Inspect What You Expect
Chapter 11 – New Employee Intro and Training
Chapter 12 – It Ain’t Always the Money
Chapter 13 – 18” Tall, Green with Horns
Chapter 14 – Business Planning & Visualization
Chapter 15 – Pricing Product or Services
Chapter 16 – A Life of Its Own
Chapter 17 – Making Money is a Game
Chapter 18 – We’ve Always Done It that Way
Chapter 19 – A Picture Worth 1000 Words
Chapter 20 – Life Changing Experience
Chapter 21 – A Big Change at the Top
Chapter 22 – Location, Location, Location
Chapter 23 – Another Important Consideration
Chapter 24 – Two Reasons Businesses Fail
Chapter 25 – Running the Numbers
Chapter 26 – The Paperwork Maze
Chapter 27 – Thinking Outside the Box
Chapter 28 – Team 35
Chapter 29 - Attorneys
Chapter 30 - Accountants
Chapter 31 – Bankers
Chapter 32 - Insurance
Chapter 33 – Technical Advisor
Chapter 34 – Public Relations
Chapter 35 - Landlords
Chapter 36 – Selling Your Business
Chapter 37 – Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Chapter 38 – Ten Myths About ESOP
Chapter 39 – Sales Stories
Chapter 40 – Humorous Sales Stories
Chapter 41 – My Personal Sayings
Chapter 42 – Bonus Document Employee Handbook Sample

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4.0 out of 5 stars
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This book is a gem, as much for what it says as for what it doesn’t say. I got the sense that the author is just a regular guy, a person who, with common sense and hard work and decency toward employees, achieved outsized success. He has whittled down his “dynamic guide to becoming a successful entrepreneur” to just the essentials. And he makes perfectly clear what is the most essential ingredient by sharing the message printed on a plaque his wife gave him: “Everything comes to he who waiteth as long as he worketh like hell while he waiteth.” If you are looking for a no-frills guide to starting and succeeding in small business, look no further.
4.0 out of 5 stars
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This is great book for the person who is looking to start a new business or jump start an existing business. The author points out that every time he went to some business gathering or convention he always came back home with at least one terrific idea. The book is a lot cheaper than any convention you will ever attend and you are sure to walk away with not one, but probably a fist full, of ideas that you can implement the next day.