13 Feb 2018 Catch Up Time………..
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It Is Called Slot Canyon For A Reason

The days seem to just run together. The desert is magic and revisiting places brings back memories. We also realize that this might very well be our last visit to this area with our RVing days coming to a close.

I started my day well before six and Sher joined me an hour later. I talked with John who took the early morning flight into Las Vegas to visit our new operation. Things seem to be going well and it looks as if this acquisition has given us a big leap in technology and is opening up an entirely new market. I remember clearly the transitions I made over the years from dictation machines to the credit card embossing business and then into call center recording equipment. Revenue streams always peter out and it is very important to keep ahead of the curve.

Judith was up at nine and we discussed the day over breakfast. The wind was blowing up a storm limiting our hiking choices. We decided to drive out to Font’s Point a destination about ten miles east of this Start Park. The last four miles was up another wash making for very slow going up the sandy and rocky “road”. We passed just two vehicles and had the place pretty much to ourselves. The points overlooks a deep valley exposing the wind and rain erosion that has taken place over many million years.

We did little hiking today a real break from the four to five miles we have been logging each and every day. We are keeping the old machinery running and going on hikes where we probably shouldn’t but…………..

I checked in on River House and talked with a poker buddy who has lived there all his life. He is in his early forties and tells me this is the most snow he has ever seen in Smithers. River House’s mile long driveway is still snowed in and I’m not sure when they will be able to find a road grader to get the job done. River House has a wonderfully efficient geothermal heating system that has worked faultlessly for these so many years and I’m confident it is keeping River House a toasty fifty degrees.

We decided to eat out and went to Carmelita’s Mexican Grill a place we have eaten at many times before. The place was full and we agreed to sit in the bar. Carmelita came over and spent a few minutes with us while her daughter/bartender got our drinks and took our order. The food is better than decent and reasonable by California standards. Sitting in the bar allowed us to watch the Olympics while eating. The Olympics seem to elude us at the RV Park. We’ve gotten them just once. Weird.

Feb 13th

I awoke to the coyotes yapping nearby. The coyotes here in Anza Borrego State Park don’t seem to have it very easy. It is extremely dry with fresh water always being an issue and other than an occasional rabbit or ground squirrel there doesn’t seem to be a lot to eat. On the other hand they could be in the Great White North with snow four feet deep. It is never easy……….

Sher was up at seven and after a couple cups of coffee gave me a Reiki treatment. Reiki is the closest I’ll probably every get to meditating. The session last an hour. The session starts with Sher placing her hands on the top of my head while I’m reclined in our rocking chair. Not long into the session vivid colors start to appear behind my closed eye lids; usually pinkish blue. As the session progresses circles of bright yellow appear then start to diminish in size and then close to just a ball of yellow then disappear. Weird. Even weirder is that her hands throughout the session seem to change from almost hot to very cold changing several times as she works down from my head to my feet.

Judith greeted her day at nine and we discussed the day over breakfast. Yesterday we went to the Post Office and outside someone had left a whole box of grapefruit for the taking. I grabbed three and we had two for breakfast. We all agreed they were probably the best we’ve ever eaten. Note to self; go back and get more…………………

We decided to back to Slot Canyon a place Judith and I had been to twice and Sher had gone there once before. Slot Canyon lies ten miles east of this RV Park and is an easy one mile drive off the paved road. Two cars were in the parking area when we arrived but no one was in sight. We parked and worked our way down a steep pathway into the canyon. It is called Slot Canyon for a reason; there are areas where one can hardly get through a slot barely eighteen inches wide. The walk takes well over an hour and covers about three and a half miles. The worst part is a two hundred yard climb up a thirty plus degree grade while walking in six inches of loose sand. It is never easy…..

We got back to Borrego Springs about one thirty and stopped in a wood fired Pizza place for a cold beer and two pizzas. Good but NOT River House good.

When we got back to the RV I laid down for a thirty minute nap and woke up two hours later. My alarm clocks were both busy reading.

Judith did the cooking duties and heated up Tony Roma’s Ribs with all the fixings. I get a pass on dishes while Sher visits. Love those girls…..

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring other than a good long hike. We still haven’t seen any Borregos. The world is unfolding as it should……

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