12 Feb 2018 Pie In The Sky……..
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Mariaccia Band At The Open House…….

For the first time in weeks we woke up to less than cloudless skies. Some fog was down on the surrounding mountains signaling the change of weather coming our way.

Job one was trying to check in at River House. The internet dish is still covered up with snow blocking camera and system monitoring devices. Road graders are in short supply with all the snow. The world is unfolding as it should.

Cooler weather has also arrived in Walla Walla. It dipped below freezing. I keep looking at the weather there thinking about gardening and when those activities begin each spring.

Sher was up at seven and Judith started her day at eight thirty. I took on the breakfast cooking duties and made sausage and sourdough pancakes.

We started our day with a mile and a half walk to the visitor’s center. While there we looked at the ever changing displays and took in a movie about early life in the desert near Borrego Springs.

Angle Sher………

Next on the agenda was a trip back towards Temecula to attend the open house at Ricardo Breceda’s www.ricardobreceda.com display area twenty miles east of Temecula. The drive there took almost an hour but is always well worth seeing that part of the high desert. About twenty cars were in the parking lot when we arrived. We heard the music as we got out of our truck and made out way towards the tents set up behind rows and rows of sculptures. They were giving away food and drinks something we didn’t expect. I experienced my first lamb taco and I guarantee it won’t be the last.

I measured the deer that has been calling to me and decided getting it to Canada would be just too much brain damage. This Chevy has a short bed and I estimated the crate to protect it for the trip would have to be eight feet high, five feet wide and a little over two feet thick. It is never easy………

Next we backtracked towards Anza Borrego State Park then took the road to Julian twenty six miles south. The streets we packed when we arrived around three. The line at Mom’s, a popular pie shop, was way out the door. Julian is the apple pie capital of the world and where else can you find five or six shops selling pies in a town of several hundred. We walked across the street to The Apple Pie Bakery where we always get our pie and got in line. I grabbed one of the two available tables while Judith and Sher got in line. Ten minutes later they came to the table with three big pieces of pie. I had my usual; sour cherry and apple. OUTSTANDING! So much so Sher bought a whole pie to bring back to our RV.

We were back to the Park around five and settled in hoping to watch the winter Olympics. That didn’t happen even though we surfed the channels for hours. We decided to graze and all chose the left over Thai food.

Today’s activities are up in the air. When Judith greets the day we’ll go over our options and pick the hike of the day. A return to the Slot Canyon is high on the list; however, there are lots of option.

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