10 Feb 2018 Long Smiled Filled Day………..
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Imagine This Deer Positioned At River House Jumping The Concrete Post Fence.

Last night a call came in from buddy Bob. It has been a call I’ve be dreading for the past year but knew was coming. Ed Grundstrom, Bob’s longtime neighbor and friends of us both for many, many years passed Wednesday night. Ed was ninety one and had many issues this past year.

If it were NOT for Ed G I would have never visited Smither’s and River House would have never happened. I first met Ed when we lived in Petaluma and I was in need of an attorney. Someone recommended Ed and I called and got an appointment. I remember our first meeting like it was yesterday. I walked into his office, in Novato, and sitting on a table was a beautiful steelhead. I admired it and he told me he caught it on the Dean, a famous Canadian Steelhead River. I comment it look about twenty three pounds. His mouth fell open and said that was what it weighted. Months later he invited me on a trip to Smithers. On that trip we roomed the first night at a Smither’s hotel and talked for hours as if we had been friends forever. Over the years we fished a lot and he made many, many trips to River House. I watched his grandson, Kyle, catch his first steelhead ever with Ed standing behind him. I can still see those smiles.

I started my day at seven to another beautiful day in the desert. Sher was up a few minutes later and we enjoyed the morning over coffee. As we were talking a beautiful jack rabbit came hopping by the RV making his way right up the middle of the asphalt road.

Judith was up at eight greeting the day and getting ready for the exciting day ahead. We were out the door heading toward Temecula at nine. The first stop of the day was halfway to Temecula at the “showroom” of famous artist Ricardo Breceda. He creates amazing art that is displayed in the desert around Borrego Springs. Some of his work is displayed on www.galletmeadows.com. As we walked through rows of his work we spotted a man under one of the several tents and it was Ricardo. He introduced himself and was delightful. While one if his pieces are calling to me he has never shipped to Canada and……………. We did buy and ant and a spider a little something for my River House Garden and will tag along to my Walla Walla garden. He is having an open house this weekend and invited us for “good food, good music and Tequila”. Get’em drunk—sell them stuff.

Next I wanted to take the ladies to the Swing Inn, a restaurant I recently discovered in Old Town Temecula. They are currently celebrating their 90th year in business. The current owners are on their third generation running the show. We got there at eleven and had to wait for a booth. Our butts barely hit the seats when someone was asking what we would like to drink and served them within a minute. A super pleasant waitperson arrived a minute or two later and took our order. We gave the food and service three thumbs up. Places like that are hard to find.

Judith and Sher walked Old Town while I listened to the radio to try to get some news. I’m in TV hell unless you’re a fan of GMA, the view and other misinformational programing.

Sher Putting Her Toes In the Pacific……..

About one they came back and we started the third leg of our trip to San Clemente. Sher’s neck of the woods have had a long, cold winter and one of her favorite thing is “sticking her toes in the ocean”! I decided to surprise her and I did as she didn’t have a clue where we were going until the ocean came into view. We parked near the San Clemente State Park and walked over two miles north to a pier that just happened to have a restaurant and bar overlooking the ocean. We sat on the deck and enjoyed cold beer and Sher and I ate a dozen raw oysters. Magic. Our plan had been to show Sher Casa Romantica. Unfortunately they closed at 2:45.

Our View As We Downed Cold Beer And Oysters

We drove back through Oceanside to Temecula and unfortunately got caught up in Friday night commute traffic and the trip took well over an hour.

We have a favorite Thai restaurant in Temecula and got their just before six and took one of the few available tables. It is a nephew and aunt operation that serves great food with often long waits which doesn’t seem to bother anyone. The owner greed us with “your back” and sat us down at our favorite table. We needed no menu and gave him a list of five dishes. It was well over twenty minutes before the Satay arrived and the wait was worth every minute. Next came the fresh rolls, followed by the Tom Kai soup. Amazing. We barely had room for the sticky rice and Pai Thai Barely. It is probably the last time we’ll see this restaurant or Temecula now that our RVing days are coming to a close.

I tried to nap while Judith and Sher were shopping at Alberson’s to get ready for the mile drive back to Anza Borrego Start Park. As I get older I grow less fond of night driving but sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. There was more traffic than I expected or wanted and pulled over many times to let those that didn’t want to drive fifty on a narrow road………pass.

We arrived home at ten thirty. After a quick cup of tea we called it a long day and retired with ear to ear smiles.

Today we will walk to the wind caves which are at the end of a canyon wash road perfect for a truck one doesn’t own. We’ll pack a lunch and return mid-afternoon. I’ve cook chicken caccatore for an early dinner then walk over, under the stars, for a fireside chat at seven.

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