09 Feb 2018 Great Day In The Desert…….
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Our day started a little late at seven. Sher awoke to cloudless skies and temperatures fifty degrees above what she left behind in Connecticut. We got caught up over two cups of coffee. She just lost her dad, my first cousin, around Thanksgiving. Sam made it to ninety four and leaves by brother, Ron, as the oldest living son of the Lewis T. Wright family.

Judith was up at eight to beat the heat. We decided to get our walk out of the way and started up Palm Canyon with the idea of just logging a mile in each direction. Well, sometimes plans change. Sher had never been to where the springs originate and Judith and I had only been there once before. There was a nice breeze blowing and lots of shady spots to rest for a few minutes. Four hours later we back at the truck tired but happy. How far did we go? Well, we all have those step apps on our phones and one would think they would/should have been the same. Nada. Mine said 11,560 steps and 5.3 miles while Sher’s and Judith’s were dramatically lower bringing back that old saying “a man with two watches never knows the correct time”!

I had big plans for working all afternoon but those plans changed when we declared nap time and enjoyed a mid-afternoon siesta.

I broke the code on lighting up the RV Park with truck lights while running the Wifi. I put a little flashlight on the dash pointing at the sensor which automatically controls the lights and BINGO: Wifi and NO lights. Where there is a will there is a way………………………..

Judith and I shared the cooking duties. I fired up the tool box grill and cooked three big New York steaks. Judith made the salad, and cooked asparagus and boiled small potatoes. We ate outside under the stars. Wonderful. Sher always takes on the cleanup choirs when visiting.

We called it an early evening and were counting sheep by nine.

Today we have a little surprise adventure for Sher. We’ll leave around nine and drive to Temecula for brunch at the Swing Inn a Café that has been serving good food for 80 years. Next we’ll head over to San Clemente so Sher can stick her toes in the Ocean and enjoy a walk on the beach. We’ll spend several hours checking out the sites then head back to Temecula and stop at our favorite Thai restaurant.

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