12 Jan 2018 A Look Into Our Past……….
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Second From The Left–Three Balconies for ocean viewing

My feet didn’t hit the floor until almost eight putting me behind the eight ball. With all our blinds pulled and an overcast morning it felt like O-dark-thirty then I greeted the day.

Skooky was waiting by the back door when I put out her morning handout. I’ve fed her for over a month and haven’t come close to putting a hand on her/it. Thank you, Lord.

I had very little time to do anything before I headed out the door at nine thirty and drove to the morning tournament at the Central Coast Casino. Today only twenty players registered. I made the final table and went out sixth but no cigar. I played well and that is all one can ask. That was my last tournament at this little room until we return next November. I will go down to a larger casino on Sunday to play in there knockout tournament.

Judith was doing laundry when I got back to the park giving me time to make a few calls send e-mails. The deck replacement project is coming together and Harry, who built the new entry gate and lots more, has agreed to take on replacing the railings which was the last piece of the puzzle.

After a quick lunch we made a 2.6 mile walk into Pismo Beach and back. We walked by “our” condo we will be renting next winter and I took a picture from another angle. It was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the high sixties. Lots of people were on the beach with many in surfing.

Shortly after we got back to the park we headed to the theater to see The Greatest Showman at a local theater. We pulled up to what seem like an old, long in the tooth theater and it was on the outside, however, very nice and clean on the inside. The Greatest Showman is a musical which Judith thought I would hate. Wrong! I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to anyone. Not an F bomb or a sex scene in the entire movie. Imagine that…….

Judith brought home some tamales which made the perfect easy dinner. After dinner I won the evening Gin game.

Tomorrow they are having a tournament that runs over two weekends and since we leave on Monday playing is pointless. I have a little work to do on the trailer including cleaning and spraying the slideout’s mechanisms. If the stars align I go over in the afternoon and play in a 1-2 cash game.

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