11 Jan 2018 I’m In The Money……………..
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I started my day at five thirty. Job one for the day was getting everything together for a meeting with John, Capture’s CEO, to review policies and procedures for the new year. With the addition of ten new employees it is vitally important Capture is the best it can be. I sent off some memos for his last minute review and then called him at six forty five. We talked for the next hour resulting a good and productive meeting.

Next I checked in on the road conditions down Hwy 101 to San Clemente. Yesterday they said they would have the road open by today. They have now revised that to Monday. That is the day we are supposed to make the trek south and I think detouring through Bakersfield might be the best bet.

I checked in at River House and it was minus two. A warmer spell is on the way which should bring more snow. Walla Walla in in the mid-forties with rain forecast for the end of the week. It is still beautiful here in Pismo Beach with sunny days and temperatures in the high sixties forecast for the next ten days. I check our next stop, San Clemente; no rain which is a blessing in the flooding department.

Twenty players showed up for this morning’s Hold’em tournament at the Central Coast Casino. I’ve been playing well and today the card God’s smiled on me. I made the Final Table and cashed when we did a six way chop banking $129. Better than the alternative……………….

Judith was waiting when I got back to the park. We had a quick lunch then logged two and a half miles on our daily walk. We walked past “our” condo and I took a few pictures.

I took on the cooking duties and fired up the Tool Box Grill and cooked lamb chops. Judith baked sweet potatoes and I fixed my favorite spinach dish. I put a tablespoon of olive oil in a frying pan and add a ¼ cup of pinenuts. As soon as the olive oil starts popping I add the spinach and turn it with tongs coating the spinach with olive oil and distributing the pinenuts throughout. I squeeze half a lemon over the spinach and lightly salt and pepper. From start to finish this dish takes about three minutes. Yummy……………

Tomorrow I’ll play in the morning tournament then Judith and I plan to take in a movie and take our daily walk.

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