10 Jan 2018 City Dwellers………….
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Marcus Whitman Hotel In Walla Walla………….We will be on on of the top three floors…….

This date is always one that I remember. And on this date, way back in 1967, I probably did one of the biggest selling jobs of my life. I was stationed at Carswell AFB in Ft. Worth. I was an airman 1st class with five months left on my four year enlistment. At that time the Air Force had a rule that if you had less than six months left you wouldn’t be reassigned to another base. I worked in the com center which closed. The base decided to use about a dozen of us, all Airman first class, to pick up trash around the base. I wasn’t fond of that and came up with a plan and asked for a meeting with our Squadron Commander Lt. Potts. I told my fellow airman I was going to plea our case for an early discharge. As I left they looked at me as if I had lost my mind. I explained it was a waste of our government’s money to pay Airman 1st class $235 dollars a month when Airman Basics (new recruits) were doing the same job for $78 per month. He listened and asked me if the others were in agreement. I said yes and gave him a list. He said go back to the barracks and he’d make a call and get back to me. I went back to the barracks and told the guys we weren’t going to pick trash today but needed to stay put. Within an hour a “runner” came over and told us to pack our things and our discharge orders were being processed. Two hours later our military careers ended. The next morning my then wife, Carol, and daughter, Tina, hopped in our 1966 Chevy Camaro and drove to Oregon City, Oregon. The rest is history………….

My day stated before six. I turned on the news and wasn’t happy to hear Hwy 101, south of here, is closed and so far they have discovered seventeen dead with many still missing. We are scheduled to head south on Monday, however, we may have to detour back to Bakersfield, down INT 5, through downtown LA, then back on to Hwy 101 into San Clemente. The weather looks good for the next ten days and the DOT is promising Hwy 101 will be reopened by Thursday. Fingers crossed.

After an uneventful morning at the poker room Judith and I went to lunch at Mei’s a Chinese restaurant in Shell Beach a few miles north of Pismo Beach. While it wasn’t San Francisco or Vancouver good it was better than decent and the best Chinese restaurant we’ve found in the Five Cities Area. It wasn’t cheap but that is just the price you pay for hanging your hat in a popular tourist town.

Judith wanted to go to Moro Bay to visit one of her favorite garden shops. I parked nearby and was more than content to sit in the car and read. I’m almost finished Let Trump Be Trump. Interesting. Next on the list is Fire and Fury.

We got some good news late in the day. An apartment has come available in the Top of The Marcus Whitman Hotel in downtown Walla Walla. We’ll be staying there for a month which should give as a good idea of how we would like living in the downtown area. The Marcus is right across the street from the commercial lot that is number one on our list. The world is unfolding as it should.

Same old, same old tomorrow.

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