09 Jan 2018 The Skies Have Opened…………….
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The skies opened last night shortly after midnight. The only thing louder than the rain pounding on the roof was our I-Phones going off with flash flood warnings and evacuation notices. Do we really need to know the need to evacuate for a place a couple of hours away? It rained all night and was still pouring when I greeted the day at six.

I put on the coffee and started my morning routine. I turned on the TV to find the mudslides that were predicted happened and the death toll is five with more expected. Once my mental and physical exercises were done I started getting ready for today’s Board Meeting at one o’clock.

Judith was up at nine to greet the day. As we ate breakfast Judith checked her e-mail and received the paperwork for leasing the condo. Judith now wants to take another look before signing on the dotted line.

On the way to the poker room my phone rang. I got involved in a conversation which got be to the tournament table late putting me behind the eight ball. Thirty people showed today. Minutes after we broke to two tables I looked down at 78 suited in hearts. I was about forth to act and called a min bet as did four others. The flop came 789 giving me a good sold two pair hand with six outs to a full house. I didn’t have a lot of chips and called when the first player to act went all in. The last player to act also went all in making for a very nice pot. Both players had a ten putting them on an open ended straight draw. I was ahead and just had to fade them hitting a 6 or 10 on the turn and river. The turn didn’t help anyone bit the Jack on the river gave them both straights and my tournament day was over.

I made it home in tome to have a quick lunch before our board meeting started at one o’clock. We spent the next hour going over old and new business. The bottom line is Capture is doing well and with the recent acquisition will be doing even better in 2018. We are already taking on new California customers that are part of a chain of self-storage companies that the new company serves in Nevada.

Judith went back to the condo to take a second look and to get a better feel for these new digs. I begged off going and spent the time taking a nap and reading.

Judith took on the cooking duties after she be me in Gin—-again. She cooked thin strips of pork in a sour cream sauce and served them over homemade pastas. Excellent.

More of the same tomorrow. BORING.

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