08 Jan 2018 Snowing At River House………….
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My day started at five when I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I had a six thirty meeting scheduled with John, Capture’s President, and wanted to be well prepared for a meeting to set the tone for the year. John is an early riser and always in the office by six. I called at six thirty on the dot and was surprised when I got his voicemail. I left a message and logged on to USA Today and started my puzzle routine.

Next I checked in on e-mail and found a reply from BC Hydro. I was pleased to find there would be no more charges to complete the entry gate meter installation and they can complete the work within twenty days of receiving the notarized easement document.

I checked in at River House and there was four inches of new snow. It was overcast and still snowing with lots more in the forecast. Here in Pismo Beach it started raining about three this morning and rained off and on all day. As I type the rain is still hitting our roof. The rain is good news for the fire burning south of here. It was the second largest fire ever experienced in California. Now the problem is erosion. It is never easy.

Thirty plunked down their twenty bucks for this morning’s tournament. After three levels I had doubled my chip stack and didn’t rebuy except paying five bucks for the big blind chip. A couple hands into the four levels I thought I flopped a broadway straight: AKQJT. I pride myself in memorizing the hold cards and do NOT have to check, unless I’m trying to confuse my opponents. I went all in hoping for a call, got one, and when I turned over the cards I realized I had made a mistake. Rookie mistake.

I stopped at the RV place on the way back to check on ordering a trim piece for our travel trailer. I was hoping they would have one in stock. That wasn’t the case and it takes ten days to get one here and we’ll be gone in eight days. It is never easy.

Judith was checking out condos on the internet and had arraigned for us to view one at three thirty. We walked by this one every day and is directly across from the RV Park.

After a quick lunch Judith took off to run errands and I settled in with Let Trump Be Trump. We ordered it two weeks ago and it has been on backorder at Amazon. It is well written and gives and interesting explanation of What Happened in the last election.

Judith was back in time to take a quick nap before going to see the condo. The owner’s daughter was waiting for us when we pulled up at three thirty. This condo is right on the waterfront with ocean views from four balconies. It has a two car garage on the ground floor, dining room, living room, kitchen and bathroom on the second floor. The third floor has two bedrooms and another bathroom. They are about ten years old and maintained very nicely. The last thing I expected was for Judith to gives thumbs up to the first one we looked at, however, that’s exactly what happened. It is available from Nov 15th until Feb 15th. WE left with a verbal commitment and are now waiting for the paperwork. The world is unfolding as it should.

I won the evening Gin game and took on the cooking duties. I baked a Cornish Game Hen stuffed with apples, onions and celery. I also roasted potatoes, carrots, sliced broccoli stems and dried peaches. Steamed broccoli filled out the menu unfortunately they were overcooked and a tad too salty.

More poker in the morning and if the rain stops we’ll take a walk on the beach.

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