07 Jan 2018 Sunday….Sunday
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A Pleasant Way To See Solvang……….

With just a week left in Pismo Beach we still have lots to do. While we have talked to rental agencies we haven’t actually visited two bedroom condos. We did find out that renting a condo for three months has its challenges. The owners like to come for Thanksgivings, Christmas and New Years and rent around those dates. I guess moving a couple of times wouldn’t be the end of the world. Not having any animals is a big plus just slightly below NOT being a felon.

I woke Judith up and nine and told her two hours until departure to Solvang. She had it on her to do list and I figured today was the day. I cooked sour dough pancakes and Jimmy Dean Sausage for breakfast.

By the time we left for Solvang the fog had lifted and the sun was out with the temperature sitting at sixty five. Before we left I Googled restaurants and we decided to try the Copenhagen Sausage Gardens. We plugged the address in the GPS and headed south on Hwy 101. The California golden hills are starting to show a little green after last week’s rains. It took just an hour to get to Solvang which lies in the Foothills east of Hwy 101. Solvang was founded in 1911 by a small group of Danish Immigrants. A hundred plus years later it is home to fifty two hundred people and seems straight out of Disneyland. We had lunch ordering the beer and sausage sampler; six five ounce glasses of German beer and four sausages. You want buns with that? Great, those are a buck apiece. We ordered at the counter and paid. The cheapest tip option was 15% going all the way up to forty; fifty one bucks for a better than decent lunch. After lunch we hopped on a horse draw carriage for a twenty five minute tour of Solvang. We ended our day at a bakery now owned by the great grandson of the original owner. The town banned franchise stores in early two thousand making it a unique and interesting community.

We were back at the park at four and took a pass on our daily walk. Judith won the evening gin game—again! We grazed for dinner. I opted to finish the prawns and Judith ate popcorn. Really?

There won’t be any poker in San Clemente so I’ll play every day this week at the Central Coast Casino. Rain is forecast the next couple of days for the Central Coast and they are now talking about flash flooding and even evacuating the recently burned area just south of here.

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