13 Sep 2017 Burns Lake and Back………..
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I was up at Oh-dark-thirty. The temperature when I arrived at the kitchen was right at freezing. I checked for frost and found none.

Job one was working on the Saturday Yard Sale. I spent the next two hours making a spreadsheet and putting prices on tags that will have to be affixed to the larger items. We have lots of small items that will end up in bins for as little as a nickel up to five bucks. Everything over five bucks will have a tag.

I Gave Judith a wakeup call at seven thirty and we were off to Burns Lake at eight. Judith is a little old lady when it comes to her T-Bird and took forever to get up the driveway. I put the F-450 on 55 MPH and crossed my fingers it would make the seventy miles to the repair shop. The whistling gets worse with each mile and it is a matter of time before it gives up the ghost. We made it and turned into Porter’s Auto at nine fifteen. Bob listened to the noise and said he hoped it wasn’t on the driver’s side. Unfortunately I think it is…….. Yuck. Hopefully it will be back before week’s end.

Judith and I went to the Mall in Burns Lake but just looked around and we were back on the road in fifteen minutes.

We arrived in Houston at eleven and stopped at the Elements for an early lunch. I had Chinese and Judith had a late breakfast. Both were better than decent and our waitperson couldn’t have been nicer.

The minute I got home I went to the shop and spent two hours straightening things up. I made a trip to the fence line and fluffed the burn pile. Next I started building sawhorses which I’ll use for the yard sale and can always be used around the River House www.riverhousecanada.com shops.

We had lots of activity on the finder’s fee front today. Darrell’s efforts are really paying off. He is driving thousands to our web page; a good thing.

Judith took on the cooking duties boiling bratwurst and frying new potatoes. Swiss chard from my garden filled out the menu.

Tomorrow Andrew will help me with fencing and getting ready for Saturday’s yard sale. The weather forecast, at the moment, seems good although it will be just above freezing when it starts at eight. I really wanted to have it earlier in the year but…………

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