12 Sep 2017 Fixed Or Repaired Daily………………
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The news was all about 9/11 overshadowing the mess IRMA left in Florida. Everyone remembers that day. I was on my way to the then US Audio’s office in Oakland when the grim news came over the airwaves. I spent the rest of the morning glued to the TV in the breakroom. The world hasn’t been the same since………….

We have RVed through all the areas affected by both Irma and Harvey. The Florida Keys are beautiful and one of the places on our bucket list for spending winter months when our RVing days are over. The devastation will take years to repair. It is never easy…….

Andrew was a good sport and looked all over Smithers for the clamps needed for today’s Job one of fastening the anchors to the corner posts. He stopped at every hardware store and got the required thirty two. He also stopped at North Country Rentals and picked up a humungous drill and a cement saw.

It rained well over an inch last night making for a VERY muddy work day. Rubber boots are referred to as Gum Boots here in The Great White North for a good reason. The mud just clings to your feet forming growing balls with each step.

I checked the river and the jet boat to find a swollen river barely fishable and a jet boat with lots of water in it. I turned on the bilge pump and returned thirty minutes later. It is always touch and go this time of the year as to fishability making checking the river Job one every morning.

The first anchor was at the northwest corner near the burn pile I put ablaze yesterday. The pile was nothing more than a few unburnt pieces and a sea of nails and screws. We piled up the unburnt pieces over some smoldering ashes. As soon as everything cools down I’ll return with my magnetic rake and make short work of getting rid of the nails and screws.

As in all tasks the first post took almost as much time to secure as all the rest. With that done we drilled the last of the large post and placed the anchor bolts then put up all the nailing strips on the southern fence line above the lake.

The last job of the day was cutting three forty two inch pieces off damaged fence posts. I will use them to hold the floodlights at the entry gate. Little of them will be seen but will last forever and match the fence posts. We called it a day at five making for a VERY long day.

Judith cooked dinner using the new crop of salad greens from my garden. When I picked those it was barely fifty and I expect the first killing frost any morning.

I’ll wake Judith at seven thirty tomorrow morning. I’ll take the F-450 to Burnslake and hour east of here to get the latest problem fixed. Judith will follow in the T-Bird to give me a ride back home. When I get back there are still lots to do before the Yard Sale on Saturday. It is never easy…..

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