11 Sep 2017 Sunday–Sunday
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I greeted the day well before six. Buddy, as she has for oh so many years, was at my heals as we walked to the kitchen. While her appetite is still good her eye is watering as the right side of her face continues to get bigger. She doesn’t seem in pain and remains her sweet self.

Job one this morning was handling referral requests. Darrell has worked his butt off marketing River House, on the internet, and his efforts show. Our website traffic increases each week with lots of interest on the finder’s fee program. Without a doubt someone that knows someone that knows someone will eventually purchase River House. www.riverhousecanada.com With our remote location, large acreage and lots of improvements I felt it could take up to three years to find the “Wright” buyer. That may not be the case. The world is unfolding as it should.

I turned on the news and, once again, it was all about Irma. Irma is huge and pretty much covered all of Florida. The damage is massive as it was in Houston and the damage will be in the Trillions. The good news, if there can be in such a situation, is that trillions will also be spent in the rebuilding of those areas providing a huge bump in jobs and spending.

It started to rain shortly after lunch and I grabbed the tiger torch and headed for the last burn pile on the northern fence line. It was mainly pallets used in delivering all the cement posts to the fence lines and old lumber used to brace the corner cement posts. With all the hot dry weather this summer the pile started easily and was fully engulfed within minutes.

I have bought just about every cable clamp in the Bulkley Valley but though Canadian Tire might have some. I talked Judith into going to the Tandoori Bristo for dinner and checked Canadian Tire. They had just one nicely shrink wrapped and priced at $5.34. Yikes. They are just SINTY NINE cents at BV.

Dinner at the Tandoori Bristo is always good; however, the service is mediocre at best. Our food took forever, the order was wrong and “we’ll be back in two minutes” couldn’t have been farther from the truth. We seldom go out to eat while in the Great White North but look forward to lots of dinning out when we cross the border in less than five weeks. Where in the world did the summer go?

Tomorrow Andrew is coming and we’ll work on securing the anchors to the corner posts and work on the entry gate landscaping.

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