10 Sep 2017 Question My Honesty………………….
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I was up at six to greet the day. I turned on the news and it was all about Irma. It certainly looks as if FIMA is/was on top of its game. Imagine that? Why is the question? Hmmm………..

I checked my e-mails and found three new finder’s fee referrals. I responded by thanking them and let them know, if the person they registered buys River House www.riverhousecanada.com , they would get the 2% finder’s fee. A few minutes later I got this response from one of the parties “I have a hard time be leaving  you on funders fee”. I asked him to post that response on the River House Facebook page to see what responses he gets from people that have known me, worked with me and dealt with me for oh so many years…… That should be fun………

It was well after lunch time when I could get outside and do some work. I started my outside workday on the Kubota removing stumps behind the main shop and in front of the new storage racks. The stumps were large making it a challenge for the backhoe on the back of my forty three horse power Kubota. I dug alongside roots and pulled and prodded until that root broke and moved on to another. Three stumps and five or six roots, for each stump, later they were all pulled out leaving considerable holes which I’ll deal with soon. With the stumps out I can now drive completely around the shop storage area when I need to pick up or drop off supplies or equipment.

Judith and I shared the cooking duties. I fired up the tool box grill with my organic coals and cooked a rack of lamb. Judith roasted potatoes and carrots from my garden along with the first three ears of corn of the year. Job one before we leave River House for the season or for good is making a lifetime supply of organic coals. I’m sure the fine people of Walla Walla won’t want me making charcoal on top of “The Wright Building”!

While I’d really like to play in the Sunday Storm I have way too much to do. If I get any more calls about Saturday’s yard sale I’ll have to hire a switchboard operator. Everyone younger the fifty will have to Google that one.

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