09 Sep 2017 Let The Fall Colors Begin………..
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Thanks to Judith I was able to sleep in until seven thirty. When Buddy, AKA my alarm clock, came calling she quickly moved her to the kitchen.

I did a quick temperature and animal check: just two degrees above the first frost of the fall and NOT an animal in sight. What a weird year in the animal department. Whatever normal was it isn’t this year.

The news was all about Irma bearing down on Florida. Cuba is taking it on the nose and it is not a case of will it hit Florida it is where it will hit. Irma is huge and could cover the entire state and beyond. While this part of The Great White North has a long winter it doesn’t have tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes or other disastrous weather events. Sounds like a great place to own property. Speaking of which………….

Yesterday we had two more finder’s fee leads and other continued interest about the River House property. River House www.riverhousecanada.com has never been in better shape as we move into fall. The fall colors have started with the undergrowth starting to turn yellow and red. The populasr are starting to change and it looks as if we will have a very colorful fall.

Andrew and Dave were on the job at nine: Dave staining and Andrew helping me at the entry gate. We worked on placing the pads for the flood and gas lights. Andrew worked on shaping the mound which will be home to lupine I will transplant from the rock creeks surrounding River House.

The first Pizza Night guest drove in at six on the dot. It was a beautiful fall evening and we all went to the front deck and enjoyed drinks and smoked salmon. The first pizza went in at six to a much too hot oven. I like the wood fired oven to be at about 650 (f) degrees and it was well over seven hundred. It took less than two minutes to cook the first pizza and it came out with crust burnt around the edges. That didn’t seem to bother anyone; they ate every piece. That old saying “get them drunk and feed them late” came to mind……

Judith did the heavy lifting on the cleanup. Love that woman. Eight and ten hour days are taking their toll on this old boy. Beer and wine didn’t help………………

Today I’m off to Houston to take the Polaris in for a tune up and pick up some plumbing supplies for the entry gate. Job one for today will be doing the last backhoe tasks of the year and get it in storage. Once that is done I’ll put on the brush hog and go over the trails one more time. The upper hayfield also needs its annual haircut. I love tractor work especially in the fall.

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