08 Sep 2017 TGIF……..
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The New Cedar Steps……………………

I started my day at four thirty. Hopefully Poker Night will break the go to bed early—get up early cycle.

I checked for animals and nada. Something is going on. We haven’t seen a hummingbird in over a month. The usually hang around to heavy frost causing us to worry about their safe trip south. While I’ve seen more roughed grouse this season than any previous year I haven’t seen a single one in the last two weeks. Weird.

I was standing by the entry gate around eight when a truck went by, then stopped and backed up and came in the driveway. It was Roland, friend and cabinet maker, who did the wonderful cabinetry work at River House. We hadn’t seen each other all year and took a few minutes to catch up on things. He will be at tonight’s Pizza Party along with his wife and son.

I met Dave and Andrew at the gate to start their day. Dave’s jobs for the day was to finish the circular stair retread project, stain the rounds for the helipad and cut and stain the boards for inclosing the main shop bays. Andrew and I removed the last of the rocks from the wood shed then Andrew started hauling wood out of the main shop area to the wood shed. I dug trenches at the entry gate to bury electric and gas lines.

At lunch time someone decided to come through the open main gate and made their way down to River House. They claimed there was a photo of River House and a story explaining the finder’s fee program and wanted to see River House. That’s NOT the way it works.

I was off to Smithers at six. I needed to do Pizza Night shopping as well as picking up fuel at Midway. A new kid, named River, was working. He had only been working there for three days. I told him River was a cool name and in fact our place was called River House. His head snapped around and he immediately said “have you sold yet? That is the number one question both Judith and I get constantly. We are four months into something I figured could take three years to find the “Wright” buyer.

Ten showed at Poker Night for a crowded and interesting game. I caught good cards early and keep the chips all night finishing with a twenty dollar profit. When I got in the F-350 the high beams didn’t work. Thankfully there was a big full moon lighting up the pretty much abandoned Hwy-16. I had the pesky alarm system removed last week and IMO something went amuck in the lighting department.

When my head hit the pillow at one I heard elk bellowing really close to River House. I thought briefly about getting my call but gave the idea up. I heard five of six calls before zonking out.

Today will be busy. Andrew and Dave will be here and Judith and I will be getting ready for Pizza Night.

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