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30 Sep 2017 Whoops………….
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I guess I spaced and didn’t do the blog for Friday. Getting old isn’t for sissies………….

I woke well before six to another very warm morning and a very sick Buddy. She did try to eat, however, that is becoming more difficult. It is never easy.

Andrew came at nine and minutes later we were at the entry gate. Andrew took on the heavy lifting and hand dug the holes for the last two flood and gas lights. I worked on getting the boxes reading for the cement which I hope we will pour on Sunday. It took Andrew about an hour then he headed to the shop to plane boards for the inside of the Angler’s Inn. Speaking of which……..

Michael has been spending three or four hours a day working on the facelift and it shows. I’m not sure it will be finished by the time we leave, in just two weeks, but it will be close. We can put the finishing touches on it when we return in the spring,

Michael and I hit the river early making our first casts a few minutes after one. Unfortunately we had the same results; skunked. We talked to a guide and said the river is at 56 degrees which isn’t good for steelhead fishing. It is never easy.

Our dinner guests arrived at six. Ron and I played pool as Michael watched and Judith and Dianna caught up on things. Judith roasted on of the Weston’s wonderful chickens with all the trimmings. Dianna brought a killer apple crisp. Yummy.

After dinner we retired to Ed’s Place to play Pegs and Jokers. The men each won game and the ladies NADA. We called it a night at ten.

Tomorrow we have lots to do including saying goodbye to Buddy. It is NEVER easy……..

28 Sep 2017 It Is Never Easy……..
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I woke up well before six to a warm morning with the promise of another above normal day in the temperature department. We have been in this wonderful part of The Great White North for the past seventeen years and I believe this is the warmest fall we’ve experienced. The fall colors are also over the top and getting more stunning every day.

When we first took Buddy the vet said we would know when it was “time” and mentioned something about Buddy having “that look”. Well, “that look” has arrived. It is never easy…………..

My to do list was a mile long with seven items on it for Judith who planned to make a trip to Smithers for lunch with a friend and run errands.

Judith was up at eight thirty; we discussed the day and started loading the F-450 for the trip to town. She was off before ten and I resumed work setting the post at the main shop and finished that job in less than two hours. Next I finished two of the light boxes at the entry gate. My goal is to have everything ready, by Saturday, to pour the rest of the concrete for the year and possibly forever. With that done I hopped on the Kubota and mowed until one thirty.

After a quick lunch I picked up Michael and headed for the river. It was over sixty when we put our tootsies in the water and the skies were mostly clear and blue. Those are the exact opposite of good steelhead weather. Unfortunately there aren’t any of those days in the forecast. We fished for over two hours and didn’t even turn a steelhead. I did hook a spent coho and a dink or two. While fish could show up any moment the clock is ticking. The world is unfolding as it should………….

We quit at four thirty. Judith was still in town and I decided to hop on the Kubota and mow in my waders NOT wanting to lose any time changing clothes.

I quit at six and was surprised Judith wasn’t home. The phone was ringing when I walked in the door. It was out next door neighbor, Nola, letting me know Judith was broken down just tow miles from River House. I quickly called her. She was fine but the F-450 has major problems. The front 4 wheel drive transfer case blew up scattering parts all over the highway. With just less than three weeks to go before departure and the end of RVing near we have a big decision to make. Do I want to put more money in a ten year old truck, buy a new or used one, lease one for five or six months to get us through the next RVing season? Decisions. She was towed home and it now sits in our driveway. It is never easy….

I did the cooking and threw together sausage and peppers. Excellent. We did the dishes and called it a day. On one hand I got a lot done. On the other she wore diamonds………………….

Today Andrew will come to plane boards for the Angler’s Inn which is coming along nicely. We’ve decided to do the outside in rough cut beveled ship lap cedar siding. We have this on the main shop and it looks good and requires little maintenance. It should be in and on before we head south on the 14th. I hope to finish the lighting boxes, at the entry gate, before heading to the river at two. I won’t be going to Poker Night. Say yes to one thing – say no to another………

27 Sep 2017 Who Says You Can’t Make A Silk Purse Out Of A Sow’s Ear?
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Just Watch…..  The Soon To Be Angler’s Inn

I was up early to start what turned out to be a frustrating day; hair straight back and little accomplished.

Checking Buddy’s condition is always Job 1. I’m afraid she keeps going downhill but remains her sweet self. She still purrs when held and keeps close by but is starting to disappear during the day in some remote dark place in River House.

With my to do list written and blog posted I turned my attention to writing the checks to the charities from the River House yard sale. I had one piece of equipment that wasn’t picked up but called another interested party and they bought the jumping jack. With that done it brought the total, for charities, to $12,846 thanks to all the wonderful people of the beautiful Bulkley Valley. I wrote the checks to Hospice of Smithers, Northern Lights and the Smithers Food Bank and scratched that project off my to do list. By the time all that was done it was almost eleven when I headed to the main shop.

Setting the second post for the half wall at the main shop was the next task on my list. I hand dug to the correct depth then called Judith for a helping hand. She came up immediately and helped get them plumb, level and square. Love that woman.

Next I decided to start the last of the trail mowing. When Andrew took off the backhoe and put on but didn’t test the brush hog. To compound things I didn’t try it before I drove down to the lower hayfield to mow the River Trail. As soon as I turned it on I realized the shear pin was broken. Yuck. I then drove to the Angler’s Inn to check on Michael and take a picture of the placement of the wood stove so we can get a heat shield made in Smithers.

By the time I got back to River House it was after one and just enough time to have a quick lunch and head for the river.

Michael and I fished for over three hours at the Guarantee Hole and up river via jet boat. Nada, zip, nothing. Yuck. I have a lot of experience on this river and have caught too many steelhead to count and my gut tells me there are NOT many fish in the system. It is never easy.

Judith did all the cooking serving a nice meatloaf with all the trimmings. Excellent.

After dinner we put dishwashing on hold and headed for the River House movie theater to watch Sully. Hats off to Judith; the second excellent movie in as many tries………

Tomorrow I’ll try to get more accomplished before heading to the river at two. This could be my last year on this world class steelhead river and I don’t want to miss a single day between now and departure on the 14th. All work and no play…………….

26 Sep 2017 Warm And Wonderful……
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View Off The River House Deck..Changing Before One’s Eyes

I slept in to after six; so far so good on breaking that crazy early up cycle.

Buddy didn’t make it up on my bed last night where she has faithfully spent half her nights for oh so many years. Yes, half the night. Just like clockwork, even when we are on the road, she starts the evening with Judith and then joins me in the wee hours. She is still eating but we fear the end is drawing close. It is never easy……………

Judith was up at nine and we discussed the day. Judith is not only doing all the cooking and housework she is helping me, getting ready for our son, Doug, and friend arriving on Sunday AND staging things for our trip south. Amazing lady!

I started my day at the main shop setting the posts for the half walls that will finally be put in place in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately we took off the backhoe and job one was hand digging down another ten inches. The earth here is mostly clay and rock and very difficult digging. I took two hours to scratch that one off my list. Next I serviced the tractor and brush hog getting them ready for the last cutting of the year. I’ll cut all the trails and upper hay field which will take almost two days.

I took the woodstove down to the Angler’s Inn when I checked in on Michael. He was busy putting down new tongue and grove plywood on the floor. The woodstove will fit nicely in the corner and make the Angler’s Inn nice and cozy. We measure for the heat shield that needs to be built before we can put up the wall coverings.

Michael Fishing The Guarantee Hole On The Beautiful Bulkley River

Michael and I were on the River at two. We decided to fish the Guarantee Hole then move down river, by ATV, to fish the lower holes adjacent to the new property. It was warm and beautiful and the color change is in full swing almost changing before our very eyes. I had several hits which included a nice ten pound steelhead, a dolly varden and unfortunately a squaw fish. They started showing up about three years ago and that isn’t a good thing. They are very invasive and almost impossible to get rid of once they get established. The world is unfolding as it should………

I worked in the garden until six digging potatoes and pulling up way too many carrots. There are still a few cherries on the trees and they are wonderful. I also ate the last few blueberries. Goodbye summer……..

Tomorrow I’ll work at the main shop and entry gate and if time allows do some trail mowing. Michael and I will hit the river at two. We have less than three weeks before we head south. So much to do – so little time………………

25 Sep 2017 393rd…………………….
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Colors Changing Daily–View From The River House Deck

I slept in until six thirty hopefully breaking the crazy go to bed early—get up early cycle I’ve been in for the last several weeks.

I woke to an unusually warm morning with the temperature in the mid-fifties. Our guest, Michael, is from Lake Tahoe and it has been colder there than here and they have had the first snow of the season as well.

Buddy was like glue last night. Somehow I think she knows the end is near. Her right eye is swollen shut but doesn’t seem to be in a lot of pain and is still eating. She is spending most of her time in the closet which is a change from the normal. The vet we like best and seems to be the most caring and gentle only works Saturdays. We’ve made an appointment for next Saturday just in case. It is never easy………

Job one was making lists and getting my office in order. What should we take out is the big question. Judith and I have agreed to end RVing after this “season” and the trailer or F-450 won’t be returning to Canada. I still have the F-350 to pull the Nice and if the stars align I’ll be able to spent lots of time on the Inside Passage next year.