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28 Feb 2017 Customer What?
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I was out the door at seven and in line at Alexander Ford at seven thirty. The same surly service writer that I talked to on the phone met me at the curb. I was there because a few things weren’t working after the last repair and I had an overheating code that I wanted checked out. She set the groundwork, in a not so friendly way, that they had no way of knowing what the other dealership did or didn’t do. She suggested I take the shuttle home as “diesels can take a long time”. I declined and went to the customer’s lounge and found one of the remaining chairs parked in front of a big screen tuned to Fox. Everyone was watching and nodding as Trump was talking with forty seven of “our” fifty governors. After the meeting several of the governors indicated it was a productive meeting and they have had more face time with this president than then had the entire two terms of Obama. Leadership. It is clear Trump wants to shift back to the states issues that can be handled on that level. Amen.

Around ten the service writer came out with a report of what was wrong and the estimate to complete. I figured it would be another couple of hours and kept my seat in a full waiting room. Around noon I got ahold of Linda and Judith and suggested they pick me up for lunch. Thirty minutes later they arrived and we drove another ten minutes to Famous Dave’s a BBQ chain which is better than decent. Richard had already eaten but tagged along for the ride.

When I got back the truck was waiting and the bill was nearly eight hundred bucks. The service writer said it was “better” if I dealt with the other dealer as “their” policy was if they did they couldn’t release my truck until they received payment from the other dealer. Customer service my foot……….

I woke up this morning and my hacking was back which I’m trying to process. What the hell is this crud, anyway? I flopped on the couch and napped for a couple hours before helping with the cooking duties.

Judith, Linda and I worked together on dinner. I cooked our last two Ruffed Grouse and made a veggie dish out of Brussel sprout leaves, mushrooms, shallots, raisins, red pepper and mandarin orange slices. Judith made a carrot salad and Linda did a cauliflower dish and an orange salad. The grouse was disapprovingly tough. Sometimes the magic doesn’t work….

After dinner we broke out the Pegs and Joker cards and Richard and I won two out of three.

Tomorrow I may make a quick trip to Doc in The Box if I am not feeling better. We will leave around eleven and head west to Anza Borrego Desert State Park a drive of less than three hours.

27 Feb 2017 When Men Were Men……….
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There Is Gold In Them Thar Hills…………

It was light outside when I start my day. For some strange reason I didn’t look at the time or slip on my watch. I went about my daily routine constantly checking the clock in the right hand corner of my computer screen. Minutes after I had my first sip of coffee Judith emerged from her room announcing she was slept out. Now “my” quiet time was turned upside down especially when she started some noisy project.

The ritual here is to wait until eight then go next door and play crib. I waited until I thought it was eight, slipped on my watch and shoes and headed out the door. I glanced down and it was NOT eight it was nine. Don’t get old……………

We played cards with Fox in the background. The news was all about the Oscars with a little Trump thrown in.

Judith was feeling better and we decided to drive across the border, into California, to an old gold mining site and take the Historic Walk. The name of the town as Tumco which has been reduced to just a few rusted out cyanide tanks and a few markers pointing out where things resided in years past. While over 200,000 ounces of gold were extracted from the nearby mines it never was financially feasible and finally went bankrupt by investing way too much in equipment. Almost sounds like a government project. Almost. We did enjoy the walk through the desert and ate our picnic lunch sitting in Linda’s car and looking out over the long gone town of Tumco.

Any outing with Linda and Judith involves shopping. I napped in the back seat while they made stops at Dillard’s, Walmart and McDonalds. Richard, Smarter Than Me, stayed home.

Friends from Smithers winter here and we got together for dinner. Harold and I play poker together on Thursday nights, when we are both in the Bulkley Valley, and have for the last four or five years. Last summer when he heard about the new road I was planning to put in he asked if he could come out and take a look. Little did I know, in times past, he owned a company that among other things laid out logging roads. He came out one day just after a rain when the bush was sopping wet. He asked where the road was going to start and end and no sooner than I showed him he donned a vest and started marking out the road. Several hours later we were soaking wet and done.

We met at Julianna’s Patio Café in Yuma. The place is huge and mostly known for their lunches when six parrots are in the court yard on display. We opted to sit inside as it was a little chilly and Judith is still a little under the weather. To my amazement there were only a handful of tables occupied. The food was excellent and the portions huge. Taking them out to dinner was a small thank you for a big job well done.

We were back at seven thirty. Richard was already talking to his radio buddies and Judith headed straight to bed. Linda and I watch a little of the Oscars and played Crib. I was hit with the deck and won both games. Where are these great cards when I’m playing poker?

Tomorrow I’ll spend my morning at Ford. I have a 7:45 appointment. After that, if Judith feels up to it, we’ll take another little field trip.

26 Feb 2017 The Devil You Know………
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I stayed in bed until six thirty trying to get back on a more normal schedule; whatever that is. It seems I have kicked my case of the crud to the curb. Judith is an entirely different story. She has coughed constantly since the “breathing treatment”. It is never easy.

There is no doubt that Verizon is one screwed up company, however, after three or four months with Sprint I’m beginning to think I should have stayed with the devil I knew. Sprint is advertising they are within 1% of Verizon in coverage. That is hard to believe as we seldom have over two bars indicating a mediocre, at best, signal. About the only thing I can use the “Hot Spot” is to post my blog and get a little news. Speaking of which………..

The “news” is all about CPAC and the DNC convention. Tony Perez, The Obama Labor Secretary, who is left of left won out over Keith Ellison the only other candidate that got a single vote. He is the first Latino to be elected DNC chair. He immediately started knocking trump and called for unity in the party. I’ve got an idea how about calling for unity in the country and get “his” party working together with the republican to get things done in the Senate and Congress. Imagine that?

More “news” that will never see the light of days is the fact that Trump reduced the deficit by twelve BILLION in his first thirty days. While that is a drop in the bucket it is a reduction NOT an increase. In Obama’s first thirty days he increased the deficit by TWO HUNDRED BILLION and kept that pace up month after month, year after year doubling the deficit in his eight years in office. Speaking of Obama……..

There is a movement under way to have him run for President in France. They are trying to get a million signatures. Honest……..

Linda cooked a wonderful breakfast with way too much food; French toast and perfectly done bacon.

Shortly after breakfast Richard and I headed for Yuma with a full things to do list. Job one was getting diesel and found the best deal at Fry’s paying $2.47 a gallon. Yuma has the lowest propane prices on the planet and I paid just $2.29 a gallon. Next we stopped at the local Tractor Supply and I emptied out their insulator bin getting another forty three more insulators. Next we stopped at Auto Zone where they had Seafoam on sale for $6.99 a can. Richard and I picked up four cans each saving a cool twenty bucks.

When we got home Richard and I finished the electric jack project, on my trailer that Richard started yesterday while I was goofing off playing pool. Clever guy, that Richard.

The rest of the afternoon we rested and played three handed crib and Pegs and Jokers. Linda whipped up the floor with Richard and me, in Crib, and Judith and Linda didn’t treat us too kindly in Pegs and Jokers winning two out of three.

We shared the cooking duties. I cooked lamb chops and a small rack of lamb. I also cooked a pork chop as Richard is a lamb fan. Judith made scalloped potatoes and Linda did the rest. Excellent.

I’m not sure what will unfold tomorrow as Judith is still an unhappy camper.

25 Feb 2017 Rack’em………….
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Buddy came calling at four and I started my day a few minutes later. I had been in bed since eight giving be a good eight hours.

Our spot, next to Richard and Linda’s, is very quiet. River House quiet. What a far cry from the night before when trains went roaring by every hour blasting their horns at the crossroads.

I finished my Sudoku’s and crosswords as well as answering e-mails which seem to diminish in quantity as we go down this long road. Me being less involved in Capture sure cuts down the traffic. I still check the Daily Report every day and enjoy seeing their progress and growth.

I was on the phone to Ford at seven thirty. I got the we are very busy act but did get an appointment for Monday morning early. That works for me as we are scheduled to hit the road for point’s west on Tuesday.

I walked over to Richard and Linda’s at eight and we broke out the crib board and played three handed. In the past we always played with two players and the loser being replaced by the waiting player. This seems to work better. We talked politics as Fox News was playing in the background.

We listened to Trump’s CPAC speech to an enthusiastic cheering crowd. I don’t know how many speech writers Presidents have employed in the past but I think the number working for Trump hoovers around ZERO. Is that good? I haven’t got a clue but it is different. I’m tired of wonderful speakers that promised everything and produced nothing, nada, zip except mounting National Debt. Hey, how about a Nation Debt Clock posted for all to see, minute by minute, so we can monitor the progress of reducing or increasing National Debt?

My phone rang about ten and it was my poker buddy, Harold, who winters here in Yuma. They stay at large RV Park near Yuma with tons of activities including Poker and Pool. They were having pool and poker tournaments today and Harold invited me down to joy the festivities. That was music to my ears and agreed to be there at noon. They just happened to be serving lunch today which was excellent and downright cheap. I had a great cheese burger right off the grill and Harold had a polish dog. Lunch included potato salad and drinks. With two big, delicious brownies the bill was NINE bucks.

I was expecting a couple of 4 x 8’ tables with a handful of players and was totally surprised when I walked into a beautiful room with four 4 1/2 x 9 regulation tables, a bar and plenty of seating. Twenty one players plunked down their two bucks for a shot at three payouts. The format was double elimination, race to two. My first match was with one of the better players who left the first eight ball hanging in the pocket costing him the game and match. On the third set I played Harold who is a good player. I won that one 2-0. When the smoke cleared I took third and won nine bucks. Nice day.

Judith went to the health clinic and received a breathing treatment something that seems to be popular in this neck of the woods. She also got a prescription and cough medicine. She has bronchitis or so said the “twelve year old” who saw her.

Linda cooked a wonderful ham that hit the spot with my slowly returning appetite. New potatoes, green beans and pineapple slices filled out the menu. We had lemon cake, ice cream and strawberries for dessert. Exxcellent.

Tomorrow the girls have lots planned. What else is new? Richard and I’ll make a trip to Tractor Supply and the auto parts store to pick up a few things for trailer repair.

24 Feb 2017 Hello Yuma………..
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One We Don’t Have At River House

When we first started Rving, seventeen years ago, I thought RV meant Railroad View. Why? Most RV Parks where near the railroad tracks and you could hear the horns or sometimes even feel the rumble as the trains pasted. That feeling came back full force last night as we attempted to sleep in our otherwise quiet RV Park. The railroad is about a quarter mile away and apparently VERY
busy. Hourly trains passed all blowing their horns. It is never easy……….

I was up well before five enjoying both the internet and news. CPAC is underway and that is getting a lot of attention. There is no doubt Trump controls the news. The left wants to criticize every move while the right wants to have him walk on water. The left is saying he has already spent over twelve million on travel expenses and is on track to beat Obama’s ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE MILLION travel expenses, for his entire eight years, in Trump’s first year in office. How did they get to twelve million? They must be calculating the hundred dollar per gallon jet fuel cost some “genius” negotiated in years gone by. Trump is constantly meeting with business leaders and hopefully that will result in more jobs producing more made in the USA products. The left is running around with their hair on fire because Trump is doing what he promised during his campaign. Imagine that? What part of illegal, criminal Aliens don’t they get?

As soon as Tractor Supply was open I hot footed it across the street and picked up thirty five more insulators. It seems as if each store carries just thirty five and I wipe out their stock. Two stores down; four to go…………

Judith was up at eight. Unfortunately she has had a relapse and the cold is back. NOT good. She has had pneumonia three or four times in the past and we don’t want to go down that road again. I’m feeling better but am in the go to bed early, get up early mode. It is never easy.

We left Benson at nine and were driving through Tucson about ten. The traffic was light and we buzzed right through heading for Int 8 halfway to Phoenix. Diesel is decently priced and I paid $255 way out in the middle of nowhere.

We pulled the grade into Yuma with no overheating lights but that still remains an issue. I’ll take the F-450 into the Ford Dealer while we are here to check out a few things that may have been overlooked when they buttoned up the job in Bullhead City.

Richard and Linda had moved their motorhome giving us a nice big spot to put our trailer. It isn’t easy backing into but with the help of Richard and Judith I was able to back in and set things up. We have a twenty step trek to their house.

We took up camp in their covered patio and got caught up on things. We didn’t see them last year as somehow we missed Yuma.

A little after five we were off to Lin’s a Yooj Chinese Buffet in Yuma. While I’m not a big buffet fan I must admit the food was excellent and decently priced. The place was packed and a big line was constantly at the register paying the twelve buck fare. My appetite is coming back and I ate way too much.

Judith threw in the towel as soon as we got back while Linda, Richard and I played three handed crib. I won two, Linda won one skunking both Richard and me. Fun.

Yuma ha just four TV stations available by antenna and all four have preachers thumping their bibles. Richard and Linda do have cable and tolerate my desire to get a news fix. They hardly watch because, like many American’s, they don’t know what to believe.

Tomorrow I’ll call Ford and make an appointment and hopefully get in to get things checked out. Years ago I called for an appointment and they told me it would be six weeks. It is never easy. Richard is very handy and will help me with a few trailer issues.

23 Feb 2017 The Thing…………
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Behind Every Bush

The temperature, in Western Texas, is unusually warm and if the forecast holds a record high could be recorded today. Seventy nine is the all-time high for this date, in El Paso, and could be shattered if the temperature hits 81 as forecast.

I put on CBS, my only “news” option. We are certainly at a crossroad. What can we believe? An old saying comes to mind: “are you going to believe me or you’re lying eyes”? The next problem is trying to process the Yooj amount of information we are confronted with every day. No easy, Papa.

I spent most of the morning working on an “early release” I intend to send to all the Family and Friends of River House. It will go out on March 1st, sixty days before River House officially goes on the market. The is a very nice finder’s fee available to the party that refers THE buyer and we’d love to see it go to someone in “our” world.

Judith was up at eight and wanted to walk the park. We did and made two loops resulting in a nice stroll of well over a mile. We are both getting our strength back, slowly.

Hundreds Of These Roots Made Into Something(s)

The plan for the day was to travel to Benson, a trip of about two hundred miles taking four to five hours. We have traveled this route for the last seventeen years and always pass “The Thing”. We have never stopped; until today. We paid the ONE DOLLAR entry fee and went through a door leading to several sheds with things from our past. In the third shed was “The Thing” lying in a coffin. It was some kind of mummified thingamajig. A neon light, hanging above the display, cast a reflection on the glass ruining getting a good picture. Someone must have had a lot of time on their hands as they converted hundreds of roots into things resembling something. We exited into the huge gift shop filled with nothing we wanted. Cross another one off the Bucket List.

We pulled into Benson with the intention of staying at an Old RV Park where we stayed at several times. We decided to go to town first and pick up some groceries at Safeway. As I pulled in I saw a big RV RESORT sign behind Safeway. While Judith went in for groceries I walked up to the park and found a beautiful, modern RV Park I hadn’t realized existed. I checked for availability, for a pull through, paid my thirty six bucks and walked back to the rig. On the way back I spotted a Tractor Supply Store across the street. Perfect.

This park has great internet and only ten TV channels. The good news is the have both Fox News and CNN. I watch both most of the evening and watched the debate on CNN to find the new DNC chair. The left is running around with their hair on fire. At present the DNC has no chairperson as the last two when down in flames about the time that Hillary, through her own lack of effort, LOST. If what I saw in this “debate” is the best that the DNC has to offer there won’t be a Democrat back in the White House in the next twenty years. Meanwhile Trump appointed a thirty something woman, who just happens to be Mitt Romney’s niece, to head the RNC. Hmmm.

Judith baked a chicken for dinner. I wanted to put it on the Tool Box Grill but the wind was roaring out here in the high desert.

The plan for tomorrow is to leave Benson about nine and make the five hour trek to Yuma. Time is flying by; we’ll be back in Canada in less than sixty days.

22 Feb 2017 Two Thumbs Up………
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Need I Say More

I was out the door before seven headed for the Big O Tire store about fifteen miles from the RV Park. I was first in line and greeted by a very nice twenty something kid who seemed to grasp customer service. Our F-450 has 19.5 inch wheels which were too big for their balancing machine. They did some further checking and discovered an alignment problem; or so said the mechanic (salesman). An hour later I was out the door with another one hundred dollar bill to add to the repair and maintenance folder.

I called Judith and stopped to top off the tank with $2.39 diesel. I hooked up, dumped the tanks and was on the road by ten.

As we started to pull a grade as we entered New Mexico the overheating light came on driving my normally low blood pressure skyward. The gauge has three levels; green, yellow and red. After a few seconds the turbo kicked in instantly extinguishing the warning light. It didn’t come on again but I’ll have it checked out in Yuma. It is never easy……..

We have traveled this road many times. As we drove through the many little towns it brought back memories of either staying there or eating in one of the restaurants. The traffic was bearable with mostly big rigs hauling everything American’s buy.

The object of the trip was to get the truck and trailer inspected and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. In the past it took several hours with a driving test and the truck being hooked up to some machine for emission tests.

My plan was to cross the Texas border and drive straight to the first inspection station which I located on Google. I called them a few days ago and was told I didn’t need an appointment but to bring proof of insurance.

We arrived at four twenty to an extremely busy and cluttered business that will remain nameless. I parked up the street and walked into the business which had vehicles in every bay with techs running in every direction. I got that I’ll be coming back in the morning feeling about the time a tech asked me what I wanted. I pointed to my rig up the street. He said he would be there in a minute and was.

The first part of the “test” was a breaking test. He had me drive up the street, turn around, and drive back at twenty MPH. I was instructed when I crossed a faintly painted white line on the road to hit the brakes. I did – we stopped –was passed the brake test! Next he had me pull in to the front area which blocked all bays. He multi tasked and filled out paper work while checking out the turn and stop lights. Within five minutes the trailer was done. He asked me to take the rig back out on the street, unhook and bring the truck back to the bay to be tested. Before I backed up five feet he came up to the window and said that wouldn’t be necessary. He tested all the lights, did some paper work and disappeared for two or three minutes. He returned, handed me two completed inspection forms and said that would be FOURTEEN bucks. I followed him to the office and handed him a twenty. He gave me back fourteen. I pointed out the mistake which he quickly corrected.

We were settled in the Anthony, Texas RV Park well before five. This KOA is new, huge and a barren as the surrounding countryside. It doesn’t have a tree, shrub or blade of grass. A dog park and laundromat are the only amenities in the park; no store, swimming pool or club house. About a third of the over five hundred spaces were occupied. A night’s stay is thirty eight bucks.

We drove into a large pull through, hooked up and took a walk around the park. Today’s blog picture pretty much says it all……..

Tomorrow we’ll head back west stopping in Benson, AZ on our way to Yuma where we will spend a few days with cousins Linda and Richard.

21 Feb 2017 Goodbye Tucson………
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Buddy has been going through the same ritual since we have been RVing these last fifteen years. Early in the morning she comes calling and leaps up on my bunk which is about five feet off the floor. Over the years I’ve positioned a stool next to my bunk for both her and my convenience. Once she is on the bed she either gets me up immediately or settles in for a few more winks. Yesterday was one of those few more wink days and she lay down between me and the outside edge of my bunk. I turned over, pulling the covers and she went flying off the bed hitting the stool as she fell. Now, Buddy is eighteen. That fall would be the equivalent of me falling off the roof. Obviously she is in much better shape than me. Other than a “are you that stupid look” she went on about her business.

Most of my morning was spent working on River House marketing issues and getting things lined up for tomorrow’s trip to El Paso. I located an inspection station just over the border and right next to a KOA. The only paperwork I need is proof of insurance and the inspections will take less than an hour. Making the trip will give us another couple of years of Texas residency which should be enough to sell River House and get settled into Walla Walla.

Judith needed to do laundry and the laundromat happened to be right next door to a Tractor Supply Store. Years ago I saw one of the first stores and toyed with buying the stock. I didn’t. Now they have fifteen hundred stores and are very successful. Woulda, shoulda, coulda……….. They try to sell American made products and seem to have lots made in the good old USA. I wasn’t expecting to buy much until I spotted a three point hitch lift for just $149. I almost purchased one, last year, at a Kubota store for SEVEN hundred. It has a thousand pound capacity and will be perfect for delivering cement posts to the fence lines. A few other items jumped into my cart. Life…

I the way back from Tractor Supply I noticed a little vibration in the front end and checked things out when we got back to the RV Park. A little ware is starting on the right front tire. It is never easy. I also noticed in the last couple of days the automatic door locks and backup sensor don’t work and need to take it back to Ford. They both worked before the last repair. It is never easy.

After repacking the back of the truck we headed off to a Mexican restaurant where we have eaten at many times in the past. It was always big but now has been expanded to YOOJ. In fact it is the biggest restaurant I think I have ever been in seating 312 customers. They make salsa right at your table and it was the best I have eaten in many a moon. Judith and I shared a combo plate which was more than enough. With two 20oz beers and all the chips we could eat the bill came to a decent thirty two bucks including tip. The food was excellent. The noise was like eating on a Nascar track.

Tomorrow I’ll be at Big O Tire when they open at seven thirty to check out the tire. With that done I’ll drive back to the RV Park, pick up Judith and the rig and head for El Paso

20 Feb 2017 President’s Day……….
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My time flies. Just sixty days from today we’ll be heading back to Canada. Cousin Sher will join us in Walla Walla and make the trip back with us visiting Vancouver, BC and Victoria along the way.

I was up at six to the sound of rain on the rig. That is pretty unusual in this arid desert near Tucson. With the rain the TV reception through our antenna was marginal. My, the main stream media is in a tizzy.

I was off to the Casa Del Sol Casino just before nine and made the trip in forty five minutes. Being Sunday with little traffic really helped the “commute”. Thirty players plunked down their thirty two bucks and many, many bought multiple rebuys. During the rebuy period, the first five rounds, it is just an all in fest. I was getting decent cards and playing about as well as I can and was one away from the final table when I pushed with top two pair. One reason was to discourage anyone drawing to a flush possibility with two clubs on the board. One guy called with a weaker ace; however, that ace was a club. Runner, runner clubs came on the turn and river sending me to the ½ cash table that was just starting.

I bought in for a hundred and immediately won a pot for thirty bucks. Two young players were to my left and it was very obvious they had been up all night drinking and playing poker. One guy was so drunk and tired he had to be woken up EVERY time a hand was dealt. He was obviously a regular. He was warned a couple of times but they still let the craziness continue. After thirty minutes I threw in the towel. Poker is supposed to be fun. I don’t think I’ll be returning to the Casa Del Sol……….

I made it back to the RV Park in forty minutes which included a stop for fuel. Diesel is $2.39 a gallon which is a cheap as I’ve seen it in this neck of the words.

We were off to Patty’s for dinner at three thirty. We made the thirty minute trek across town with only two stops for flowers. Yes, flowers. Happy wife—Happy life. Everyone, in our family, remembers my mother’s, Fanetta, spaghetti and most family members make some variation of that recipe. Norma took on the cooking duties and made spaghetti complete with meatballs and Italian sausage. Memories – Memories.

Tomorrow will be our last day in Tucson. Judith will do the laundry duties and I’ll work on taxes and get us ready for our trek, tomorrow, to El Paso to have our truck and trailer inspected.

19 Feb 2017 High Season………..
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The rain was splashing in the pool outside our window when I started my day at six. As badly as I wanted to turn on the TV and get some real news I fought the urge to turn on the TV. The light from the screen would have lit up our room. Unhappy wife – unhappy life…….

I wrote and posted my blog and checked in on River House and other points of interest. A skiff of snow had fallen at River House with temperatures in the low thirties. Walla Walla is warming up a bit but well below my comfort level. Weather, here in Arizona, has taken a turn for the cooler and there is a big storm coming into Southern California that is forecast to dump up to an inch of rain in Scottsdale and Tucson.

Judith was up at eight thirty and we discussed the day. The Holiday Inn didn’t offer breakfast in their room rate. Instead they put on three different taxes adding twenty five bucks to the bill. It is never easy.

We drove over to Doug and Tracy’s and visited a few minutes before Doug drove us to downtown Scottsdale where I had a meeting. The Scottsdale Fashion Mall is Yooj and was packed with people well before eleven. We checked out Dick’s Sports and walked the hallways.

I love fishing and especially enjoy fishing for steelhead which I consider the Holy Grail. My meeting today was with, Marcus, a young man who stopped by River House last fall to ask me a few questions about the property next door. We talked for about an hour. He is a Canadian who lives in Scottsdale and has fished the Bulkley and other northern BC rivers. He is looking for a place, on the river, to build a small cabin and spend a week a year ripping lips. God’s speed…….

We drove back, picked up Tracy, and headed to a Car Wash for lunch. Yes, a Car Wash. This place, Tom Thumb’s, was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives which, in my book, gives it several thumbs up. While it was two in the afternoon the line was long and got longer as we waited almost thirty minutes for our food. The wait was well worth it……. Judith and I shared a pulled pork sandwich and it was all we could eat. The fries were off the chart as was the Mac and Cheese.

Next we drove over to Frank Lloyd Wright’s. The parking lot was full and people where everywhere. As we approached the visitor center asked if we had reservations. Really. I didn’t think getting in with ticket prices being near seventy five bucks a pop would be a problem. Wrong. The tours were sold out. I got a “high season” lecture and told to make sure I called for reservations next time. I saw little of the complex but what I did see makes we want to fight the fight, get a reservation, and take the tour.

We drove back to Doug and Tracy’s and visited for the next hour before heading back to Tucson. We opted to take the non-scenic route and headed straight down Int 10. The traffic was decent with light rain. We made the trip in just over two hours arriving in the last few minutes of daylight.

Thinking it would be hot, while we were gone, we left the air conditioner on for Buddy. It was forty nine degrees when we got to the RV Park. Buddy gave us a dirty look as we walked in and turned up the heat.

Tomorrow I’ll play in the morning tournament at The Casa Del Sol for probably the last time. The commute is just too long. We have been invited out to diner, this evening, at Bill and Norman’s daughters who live in Tucson