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19 Mar 2018 Sunday…..Sunday
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Not Exactly Invoicing 101

I was up and back at the seemingly never ending task of spreading all the invoices that were part of creating River House. It continues to be a trip down memory lane. I’ve reviewed invoices with thank you notes for the Friday lunches we did every single week. The biggest smile was put on this old face with the “invoice” at the top of this blog. Glen was just starting his insulation business then and now enjoys a very nice business with real invoices.

I’m almost two thirds through the invoices and am approaching seven hundred. There were no capital gains issues when we started this project in 2000, however, almost everything changes. As of just a year a two or go nonresidents are now subject to capital gains and, in fact, The “Govment” impounds twenty five percent of the sale at closing. They have up to a year to review the records to verify the numbers and release funds back to the seller. It is never easy……..

Lovely Little Creek Running Through The Whitman College Campus

Judith insisted I take a break for a long walk. We did logging over two and a half miles. We walked through the beautiful Whitman College campus up to Pioneer Park looking at the neighborhoods as we walked. Most of the homes build near the downtown are two or three stories. That isn’t something we are looking for this time around. Out on Division Street we found some very nice, older, one story homes that might just do the trick. Might. On the way back we walked through the downtown and still think our number one choice would be living on the fourth floor of a small commercial building near the core where most of the restaurants and wine tasting rooms reside. Decisions—decisions.

Lovely Old Home, Single Story, Good Neighbor, Large Yard……..

The one thing I really miss in our tenth floor apartment is the ability to use The Tool Box Grill. We have no deck and I think management would frown on lighting it up on the fire escape that is outside our front door.

Judith took on the cooking duties while I continue on my project. I did do the dishes just for something different to do besides type and scan. Over the week end I only left out floor once and logged almost twenty hours sorting, typing and scanning.

We played our Gin game after supper and, once again, I came from behind for the win. Cards are a lot about luck and I’m getting more than my share. So why again aren’t I playing more poker?

I’ll play pool in the morning then back at the same old, same old…………..

18 Mar 2018 Cool Spring Day In Walla Walla……..
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Snow ON The Surrounding Mountains………..

Once again my day started at five. I heard the rain hitting on the tops of the window heating systems and figured it would be a perfect day to stay in and type and scan.

I checked the weather at River House and it was already above freezing. The road was clear of snow and water was running down the middle and into the rock creeks we built for that very reason. I noticed the trailer with the deck debris had been removed getting ready for the crew to come in and start rebuilding the main deck. I expect that to happen any day.

My plan for the day was to work on the accounting project until about eleven then drive to Pendleton for the Sunday Hold’em tournament. Even though it was listed on their website I called to check and it had been cancelled for St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t understand that one but glad I called and saved the time and fuel.

Judith made her first trip in the new Toyota to the Tri Cities to see her brother and longtime friend, Pat.

I never left the building yesterday and have now made my way about halfway through the project and have already documented and scanned over five hundred invoices dating way back to bringing the power down to River House in 2000. My new goal is to have this wrapped up by next Friday. Aim at nothing—hit nothing……….

It rained yesterday and it was cold enough for new snow to fall on the surrounding mountains. It is definitely turning spring here getting my gardening juices flowing. One of my big goals, for this year at River House, is having the best gardening year——-ever. If the stars align this will be my last year gardening in The Great White North and I want it to be the best. Job one will be rebuilding my cold boxes. This time I’ll use cedar and a little different design and use them mostly for growing early and late salad greens.

Judith was home by six thirty with a big smiles and a couple of burritos. She liked the way the Toyota ran and even experienced lane correction a couple of times. She wanted to try a new Mexican Restaurant and hit a homerun in that department. We enjoyed two humungous burritos that were the best we’ve found in Walla Walla.

Once again Judith started out with a big lead in our evening Gin game only to have me come from behind to take the checkered flag.

We were expecting nephew, Bobbie, and family to come over today but got a last minute cancellation. Hopefully we can reschedule. I’ll keep my nose to the grindstone on the project and hopefully go for a late afternoon walk.

17 Mar 2018 Two Car Family………
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It is beginning to seem a lot like that move Groundhog Day where every day seems the same: get up early, drive to the Community Center then return and type, scan, type, scan…………….

I checked in on River House and the snow pack is really starting to melt. It is down well over a foot in the last few days with the daytime temperatures in the high forties and low fifties. The evenings are dropping well below freezing which slows the process. The weather forecast shows a cold snap coming with a couple nights dropping to the low teens. The long days have already begun and I can view the cameras until almost eight. The weather, here in Walla Walla, is better than decent with daytime temperatures in the high fifties and low sixties. The blossom trees are starting to turn pink a sure sign of spring.

I was able to refrain from running my mouth during the morning pool outing and won most of my games. While I’ll leave my wonderful antique pool table at River House the new place just may have a pool room. About the only fault I can find with Walla Walla is no pool or poker room. It is never easy.

Once again the phone rang as I walked into the apartment and it was Steve at Toyota letting us know our new car was ready. A few minutes later Judith dropped me off. They got the door locking problem fixed and I was on my way. I tested the lane departure feature and yep it works. As I started to go across the white line I heard a beep and the car moved back into the lane. I’m told if that happens too often a warning comes on advising the driver to pull over and take a break. The way technology is advancing I’m sure, in a couple of years, if you don’t heed that advice the doors will lock and it will take you to the closest jail.

In less than an hour my phone rang and it was Toyota doing a survey on how I liked my new car. I hate that and thanked her for asking and requested to be removed from the call list. One feature I do like is the speed limit shows up right next to the speedometer. We now have two parking spaces to locate at our hotel which can get challenging on weekends. Speaking of hotels….

I was just getting on the elevator when a family came in to register. One of their kids was a boy about seven waring a Superman Cape. The fifty something man at the check-in desk started telling the kid that the original Superman stayed at this very hotel back in the fifties. He didn’t seem all that impressed.

We took a walk around town logging well over a mile. We really like this location and being downtown but now are concerned just what we can see six floors below our current “bird’s nest” on this tenth floor. Next week we’ll ask to see a fourth floor room to check out the view. IF we end up building a commercial building and live in a loft it would be on the fourth floor. Of course, what we do next depends on what happens at River House. Speaking of which……….

The deck rebuilding projects should be getting underway this week and hopefully will be almost completed by the time we return on April 10th. The backup generator has arrived and that will be installed when the accent lighting is done underneath the new main deck which BTW will add at least two new parking spaces out of the elements. The raises covered parking to sixteen. All this should be completed by the Broker’s Invitational on June 6th.

I won the evening gin game. Judith did both the cooking and cleanup. I’ve been getting brownie points for all the time put in on spreading the accounts.

Today Judith will take the Toyota to Kennewick for lunch with a longtime friend and I’ll go to Pendleton to play in the Saturday poker tournament at the Wildhorse.

16 Mar 2018 Early To Rise…………
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I was up at four forty to start my day. I had originally set a goal to finish the accounting nightmare of documenting and scanning every single invoice for the last eighteen years. Besides being a trip down memory lane it is more complicated than I originally thought. Many things were purchased outside of Canada which results in the need to do a currency conversion on those transactions. I also need to document the PST and GST which are Canadian taxes. On many invoices there are no subtotals making for lots of calculations. On top of all that I need to compare invoices against payments so nothing falls between the cracks. The new scanner is working swimmingly. My new best guess is at least another week of squinting, typing, and scanning. It is never easy…………

I decided to stop and get donuts for the early morning pool playing crowd. I conveniently found a donut shop right on the way to the Community Center. For well over twenty years I bought donuts for the troops at USAudio/Capture and they sure weren’t thirteen bucks a dozen back in the day.

I was the first through the door and got the covers off the tables and the tables brushed down before the first player came through the door. It was Steve who came in carrying a box of donuts! When it rains it pours. We did more talking than playing but the mornings are always interesting and fun.

I barely walked back into the apartment when the phone rang. It was the service manager at Toyota. When a conversation starts with “I wanted to give you and update on you Highlander” it most probably isn’t the kind of news you want. It wasn’t. The good news was the part came in and was the correct part or so said the service manual. The bad news it “wasn’t the right part”. He said he would do his best to get it to us by Friday. The world is unfolding as it should………….

I never went out of the building the rest of the day. I stayed humped over the computer processing invoices and trying to remember what was provided by who well over a decade ago. Judith is giving me lots of encouragement like “why didn’t you do this years ago”.

I took on the cooking duties and fixed pan fried halibut, boiled potatoes, baked beans and green beans. Sans the green beans this is one of the meals I cook on the Nice hours after we pull the halibut out of the water.

Judith did the dishes then jumped out to a big lead in the evening Gin game. I caught some great cards and won by seventy points. Cards!

I’m up again at oh-dark-thirty and already have processed more invoices. After posting this I’ll do more then head over to the Community Center and see if I can do more playing and less talking. Try…………..

15 Mar 2018 Another One Checked Off The List…………….
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The Evening Sun Lights Up The Mountians Surrounding Walla Walla……….

We have now been living in an apartment, on the tenth floor of The Marcus Whitman Hotel, for the last nine days. The experiment was to give us a feeling for living downtown in the town we fully intend to call our final home. It is certainly different than living in an RV or at River House. One concern was the noise factor and that hasn’t been a bad as we thought. Yes, there is the occasional siren and of course the unmistakable sound of the garbage trucks making their daily rounds. What we really like is the convenience. Everything we seem to need is just a couple block walk or a very short drive away. We are enjoying daily walks checking out Walla Walla and looking at possible places to put the “Wright” building and also checking out the nearby residential areas. We are keeping all our options open and won’t make a choice until River House departs our lives.

Our search for a new automobile is over and we almost took delivery yesterday. Almost. I spent more time selecting this car that all the previous cars and two wives. I learned a lot during the process. The final selection came down to the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander. Neither was available at the local dealer so we started looking on the internet and visited dealerships in the Tri Cities. Two things became quickly apparent; pricing was within a hundred bucks at all dealerships and TRUECAR is the reason. We located a Silver Toyota Highlander Limited in Seattle. I got the VIN number and figured if all the prices were pretty much the same we give the business to the dealer in the town we intend to call home. We called and made an appointment with the sales manager and an hour later had finished all the paperwork. They promised three to five day delivery.

Yesterday we got a late morning call telling us the car was in and we could pick it up at one. Bruce met us as we walked through the door and gave us an hour overview of how everything worked. It has all the latest goodies which will take a little time to understand and use effectively. Judith followed me to the storage locker then back to the hotel. When Judith went to lock the car only three of the four doors locked. We tried it several times and the passenger rear door and the little access window on the lift tail gate wouldn’t lock. I called Bruce and he agreed to look at it immediately. I’m positive he felt in was customer error. Wrong. Judith was driven back to the hotel and said they had ordered a new door locking mechanism. A few minutes later the service manager called and said they had a part coming and it would be ready at ten tomorrow morning. It is never easy…………

With just three weeks left my goal is to finish two projects; scan and document all the invoices and expenses needed to deal with capital gains and finish the “manual” that explains all the almost uncountable systems and features at River House. For the last two days I fought a ten year old Epson printer trying to scan page after page. I called Staples and they wanted a buck a page. No thank you. I did pick up a new HP combo unit that already has paid for itself; I scanned over two hundred copies the first couple of hours.

Today I’ll play pool at the community center, hopefully pick up the Toyota, then type and scan until my fingers fall off……………………..

14 Mar 2018 Too Many to Recall………….
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We have had so many good times and memories RVing, these past seventeen years it is hard to just pick out a few.

Freedom is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Your house is on wheels and it takes about fifteen minutes to hook up and be on the road again. This came to light early on when we were in our second day of a planned ten day stay at a Bodega Bay Campground. I had planned on fishing and pulled the Nice over there for the occasion. On the second day the seas were high and unfishable and the forecast was for more of the same. I put on my begging shoes and headed over to the office. I barely began on my story of woe when the lady said “do you want to leave, we’ll give your money back”. We were out of there in a heartbeat.

We started RVing when most of the grandkids were just tots and at the age when the sun rises and sets over the heads of their grandparents. Many times we barely got unhooked and setup before the grandkids came over vying to get the first sleepover. They loved sleepovers as did we. It was a real chance to get to know the grandkids without supervision. One time we were in Houston and not sure Natalie was going to make it through the night. She did and while we were waiting for her mom to pick her up the next morning she suggested she hide so her mom couldn’t find her and maybe she could stay longer.

Visiting the many beautiful National Parks is also way up on our list. Anytime we got hear one we spent the time to see these beautiful national treasures. Seeing a picture of four presidents carved out in rock is one thing. Standing below and looking up at this magnificent piece of artwork is breathtaking. Breathtaking.

I had never heard of Canyon de Chelly National Monument, a jewel in Arizona. Judith had and insisted we visit. We arrived in the off season and we always start at the Visitor’s Center and watch THE movie. Then we learned that the only way to view the canyon was on a guided tour by one of the natives still living in the Canyon. Two tours were offered; one four hours and the other eight hours long. We were told only enough for the shorter tour had signed up and bought two tickets. We went to the starting point to find a very shop warn flatbed truck with about a dozen folding chairs surrounded by an eighteen inch rail. Only a couple guests were already seated and on each seat was a folded blanket. Our guide was a native guide slightly younger than Methuselah. He greeted us with a nearly toothless smile and said we would be on our way shortly. Minutes later we headed out with about six people on the tour. A decent sized river runs through the canyon and within minutes we are near the bank apparently heading across to the other side. As we entered the water it came to within a foot of the deck we were sitting on. There wasn’t a life vest in sight and try as I might I couldn’t see a trail exiting the river on the other side. There wasn’t. As we got to the center of the river we made a right turn and spent the next thirty minutes making our way up the river like a salmon going to the spawning grounds. The canyon is beautiful and well worth the effort. Years later several tourists drown on that very trip……………..

RVing is a wonderful experience and I believe the key for a couple doing it as long as Judith and I did is the same thing that makes any relationship work; a set of faults you can live with.

It is NOT inexpensive. Many, Many years ago my Uncle George argued that driving a car, staying in motels, and eating out were less expensive than RVing. IMO he was right then and that is true today especially if one considers the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Life is full of choices and no matter how you chose to see this beautiful country, and Canada, it is worth every penny………………..

13 Mar 2018 The Not So Good Days…………….
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Memories can be both good and not so good. Let’s start with the not so good things that happened in our seventeen years of Rving…….

We had only had our first Cardinal Trailer for a few month and I was in the it is new and nothing will go wrong frame of mind when we had our first of many blown tires. Yes, a blown tire on a six month old rig! I quickly learned that the tires manufactures put on most trailers are STs. Later on a RV repair guy enlightened me as to what ST stands for: $hitty tires. When steel belted tires blow bad things happen including, but not limited to, smashing the metal around the wheel well and even beating a hole through the floor. Our fist blowout did both. I changed the tire and limped into an RV Park where I learned there is always, posted proximately, is someone’s mobile RV Repair card. I called the repair person and told him what was wrong and what he needed to fix the problem. He agreed to come the next morning and did. When he arrived I had the rig jacked up and the tire removed. He looked at me, looked at the rig and said “you know what’s wrong, you know what’s needed for the repair and the tires are off—why do you need me?” He smiled at my reply “I’m retired”. Over the seventeen years we experienced four blown tires, all causing damage far beyond the cost of the tire and driving home the true meaning of cost of ownership.

Our next eye opener was when we made Texas our legal residence and in doing so needed to have our truck and trailer registered. To do so they had to be inspected and weighed. Since this wasn’t my first rodeo I unload most of the stuff out of both the truck and trailer. I pulled on the scales and went into get the weigh ticket and was greeted with “boy, you’re really close”! I said I was sorry I thought I was in the middle of the scale. He smiled and said “no, not close to the building you are only a few hundred pounds below the maximum trailer weight”. That’s the day I learned the manufactures press the limits which can have consequences. Speaking of which……….

One day we were driving through upper New York State where we came upon a weight station with lots of unhooked trailers and parked RVs. It was a good thing that it was closed as we later learned that overweight rigs were fined a dollar per pound for each and every pound over the legal weight and was require to get the rig under the required weight and pay the fine before being able to continue on their way. It is never easy………

One of my big fears, when we first started RVing, was getting unwanted help from a bunch of retired guys every time we pulled into an RV Park. I had visions of another old guy trying to tell me how to back into a space, etc. That never happened. What I did learn was in every RV Park there is someone that has the answer, for just about anything, and all one has to do is ask. If you need a hand or tools someone is always more than willing to help you out. With that said…….

Pretty early on I was trying to hook up the trailer and the trailer hitch just wouldn’t go down over the ball. It would start too then stop. I thought there was something to do with the hitch or ball and struggled for at least five minutes. Soon a man appeared, from the next trailer, and sheepishly said “I’m not trying to embarrass you but you’ll have better luck if you put up the trailer jacks”! THAT never happened again………..

I all the miles we’ve driven we’ve come upon several wrecks that just happened and we had two close calls. The first was in Florida during a heavy downpour. We were pulling the trailer and driving only about thirty miles an hour. We were on the inside lane of a four lane highway with no center divider. All of a sudden I saw a car start to spin out in the oncoming inside lane. As if in slow motion I watched her car cross the median and come into our lane heading straight for us. As we prepared for a head-on impact somehow she gained control and pulled back into the grassy center median. The only other close call was just a couple weeks ago when we came close to being the eleventh car in an already ten car pileup. I’m both happy and proud we ended up zero accidents for seventeen years of pulling a white whale across and around North America.

Tomorrow I’ll end this too long recap of our days RVing with our favorite places and memories………..

12 Mar 2018 RVing–Part Two
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I remember the day we bought our first RV like it was yesterday. I found the best deal in Lodi and at the time we were living in Kensington, a place where finding a parking space for a car was a real accomplishment. I came up with the bright Idea to fill our truck with what we thought we would need and our two cats and headed for Lodi. Of course, the trailer wasn’t ready when we got their and by the time it was it was almost dark. We hooked up and headed north.

We hadn’t gone far when we stopped in the Fairfield Rest Area to spend the night. That was the first and last time we ever stayed in a Rest Area. It was a nightmare. We couldn’t put out the slideout. It was noisy with cars and trucks pulling in and out. The cats spent their first RVing night walking back and forth across our tired bodies.

We woke up early and I walked over to the restrooms. On the way back I couldn’t help laughing when I saw our rig. Things we tied on the luggage racks reminding me of the Clampetts of the Beverly HillBillies.

We made our way to an RV Park just over the Oregon border and took two days to get things put away and set up.

We had already bought River House and decided we didn’t want to keep our Kensington house and put it on the market. It sold in three days and left us “homeless” resulting in our decision to spent from April 15th to October 15th in Canada and the winters on the road in the US.

I had visions of us spending time in two or three places, on the west coast, then returning to River House. NOT! Judith had an altogether different idea. We embarked on an “it is Wednesday—it must be Omaha” tour allowing us to see just about everything seeable in the USA and Canada. While driving grinding ten to twelve hour days covering five to six hundred miles she would check out travel books.

Tomorrow I’ll share some of our most memorable RVing experiences…….. Promise.

11 Mar 2018 Memories—Me Memories………
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Well, yesterday was the last time I’ll hook up and pull out of an RV Park. Our RVing adventures started over twenty two years ago when I got a wakeup call in the life department. A childhood friend, Richard Wisseman, died of cancer at age fifty. We grew up in Lagrangeville, New York in and around farms. Our fathers were friends from childhood as were our grandfathers. I figured if it could happen to Richard it could happen to anyone including yours truly. I made up my mind to make a life change designed on smelling the roses. I told Judith that we’d retire in five years. I got the yeah sure look.

I set out on that goal and made major changes at the then US Audio including product changes and hiring a sales manager to grow the business.

Four years later I announced to Judith and our employees that we were going to make the sales manager, Jim Wyatt, the general manager. To make that transition work I decided I needed to be out of the picture for at least a month and told both Judith and Jim. Judith looked at me like I was crazy and Jim made a comment about my inability to stay away from the business of a week let alone an entire month.

The plan was to rent a small travel trailer and get away. I asked Judith where she would like to go and she said “that place in Canada that you keep talking about”. That was surprising and music to my ears.

A few months later we rented that small travel trailer and headed for points north. Our first stop was at Crater Lake, in Oregon, and came close to having our first Rving disaster. I didn’t block the wheels and parked in a rather uneven space. I made another mistake by unhooking the safety chains before unhooking the trailer. When I rose up the trailer off the hitch it started sliding backwards. Being a lot stronger in those days I fought it to a stop and learned a big RVing/life lesson.

We spent the next two weeks near Smithers seeing the area and fishing the world famous Bulkley River. We had a great time and I learned a lot more about that part of The Great White North. As we left for points south Judith asked “ I wonder how much property is around here”. That was music to my ears………….

I didn’t call the office or talk to Jim for the entire Month. Judith and I decided to stay out another week as we really liked the experience and wanted to visit Yellowstone. I called Jim and when he heard my voice he said “I thought you were dead”!

Jim was a wonderful manager and within a year we bought our first RV and the River House property. Within two years Jim was running the business and we were spent summers at River House and Rving six months a year.

In the last seventeen years we have traveled over a half million miles. In the process of doing so we wore out three trucks and are on our second travel trailer. We have visited all fifty states and all but a few Canadian Providences.

Tomorrow I’ll blather on about some of the best and most memorable experiences on the road…………

10 Mar 2018 Hair Straight Back……..
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My day started at six and it was hair straight back all day long. I was out of the hotel by six thirty and made the short and convenient trip to The RV Park. I was pleased to see the garbage truck leaving as I drove through the gate which provided empty containers throughout the park. Job one was filling one of those with things we no longer need including the emergency food supply we have been carrying around for oh so long. So long in fact all of it was way out of date assuming, of course, you believe in expiration dates. I fully believe those were started/invented as marketing gimmicks that we sheeppeoples would gladly obey. Call me crazy……..

Next I managed to give a two drawer storage cabinet away to a kid in the trailer across the way who was just heading off to school. He declined on the bookshelf which needs to go so the trailer looks roomier. Just before I hooked up I put the rest of the stuff, headed for the storage unit, in the back of the truck.

I drove into Olsen Brother’s just as they were opening. I unhooked the trailer then went over the needed repairs with the owner, Bob. The bad news is they can’t get to it for a week. The good news is I can park it our front, when finished, with a for sale sign on it and they’ll help find it a new owner.

It was 8:30 when I got to the Community Center. Four guys were playing partners and the other table sat idle. I declined playing and got to practice for thirty minutes. I hit more balls in thirty minutes than I have in the last three days playing partners and rabbit. Some days the magic works……….

I was back at the hotel at nine and we discussed the day. We left for the Tri Cities at ten; Judith drove and I used the Onstar Wifi to get some things done. Love that Wifi. We don’t need no stinking Sprint!

The next stop was at B of A where there is always a long line and just a teller or two. Shortly after we got in line the manager came over and gave us the “you can do this on line pitch”. It is no doubt in my mind they are making the in bank teller experience as miserable as possible for a reason. All I wanted to do was deposit my poker bankroll so I can put into another form of gambling: crypto currency and Canadian Marijuana stocks. Fools and their money soon part……………….

We stopped and picked up Bob, Judith’s brother, and drove to his favorite Chinese restaurant. Jacqueline, our grandniece, joined us for a much better lunch than expected in one of Kennewick’s oldest Chinese restaurants. The portions are huge and we both took home two big to go boxes.

Next we went to the Kennewick Toyota dealer in the hopes of making a decent deal on a Toyota Highlander. We had already test drove the model and the only issue was availability and price. The salesperson guaranteed three to five day delivery. That worked. She presented us with what turned out to be a take it or leave it offer. We left scratching our heads without a car. On the way back to Walla Walla we decided to stop at Honda and was met by Doug a fifty something knowledgeable and pleasant salesperson. We test drove the Pilot. I’m not sure I like it as well as the Toyota but price does matter. Next I called the GMC dealer and asked for his best end of the day/week price on the 2017 Acadia we drove earlier in the week. He said he’d call me right back and did. His best price was $1500 of the MSRP. Really? This new car is approaching two years old as the 2019s come out in four or five more months. Decisions—decisions……..

We were back in Walla Walla by five and stopped at the storage locker to unload the last items. That is a good thing because our locker is FULL. Next we went to Olsen Brothers to drop off the trailer key which I forgot to do this morning. We ended our day with a trip to Safeway.

We were so full from lunch we opted to skip dinner. I logged on to APT and registered into the evening tournament along with almost sixty other players. Two and a half hours later I won taking down first place when I called an all in made by my opponent. I had him out chipped four to one and had a decent heads up hand; A5 suited. I called and he turned over 44 and the poker Gods smiled and put a 5 on the flop giving me the checkered flag. I know rank 20th in winnings for the last 180 days. I feel good about that as I only play two or three times a week while some of those above, my ranking, play every single day sometimes twice. I finished my card day playing and winning our evening Gin game. Yes, that is the sound of grinding teeth in the background…….

With the craziness of arriving in Walla Walla behind us and the trailer our of our hair I have time to work on taxes and the other projects I need to finish before heading back to River House on April 4th.